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    Post pics of your B8 A4/S4...

    Hi mate what size alloys you got on here? Looking at some for sale atm.
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    A4 B7 Stereo ugrade?

    I have an Android unit in mine, its all touchscreen, not a clue what its called as the previous owner installed it.. can get all the apps you can get on your phone.. bluetooth, spotify, google maps, youtube the lot. Its a great bit of kit...
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    Topping my oil up every month!

    No I dont think its near a 1000 miles I do! I only really use it on weekends and just to get around my area, it is a timing chain but that got changed couple months back but im sure its coming directly from the engine, its not necessarily getting worse for topping oil up, but ive never had to...
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    Topping my oil up every month!

    Alright fellas, Probably a simple answer but just want abit of advice. Im having to top my S4 up with atleast a litre of oil every month or two, no oil leaks on the ground and car is performing fine, am I right in thinking its burning oil somehow/somewhere? Car is also making a tapping...
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    Morimoto HID bulb's , very disapointed after less than 12months.

    Ive had my MTEC HIDs in now for a couple month, and I always drive with main beams on so they done some hours and not a problem with them yet. Think they cost me about £50 for 2 bulbs but I got an offer on them!
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    New to me 06’ A4 Avant 1.9TDi

    In regards to the grille, yeah you have to remove the bumper to remove the grille, its not much of a job ive done it several times, but will take few hours on first attempt!
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    New to me 06’ A4 Avant 1.9TDi

    In regards to the FM transmitter, i used the same one about 3 years matey. And one of my old cars were audi. Never had static or any problems whatsoever, does music, calls, the lot. 100% recommended for a cheaper option. Look for one that doesnt stand out as much and youll barely notice it...
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    audi a4 b7 window fitment.

    I think the front end is pretty much the same? Im guessing but I got given some avant wind deflectors and they fit my saloon front windows but the back ones didnt.. I know this isnt the perfect example of window fitment but thats the all I can say!
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    Strong smell of fuel in car, injectors?

    For anyone whos interested, the problem I has was the air intake pipe wasnt connected to the throttle body, and the engine breather pipe wasnt clipped on properly. Cost me 4 quid for some jubilee clips n did it myself. Been perfect ever since and its stopped a few other issues I had!!
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    Lights on, buzzing noise from the rear??

    What lights do you have halogens or HIDs? Mine makes the same noise not exactly from the rear but audible, i have HIDs, first car ive had that has HIDs so ive always thought it was normal!
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    S4 B7 V8 Quattro

    Very strange, what reason did you change the battery in the first place? Could be a faulty transmitter in the fob? Im not entirely sure never heard of such problem
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    OEM Bluetooth for a A4 Cabriolet 2008 B7

    Im not sure about OEM but why not look at some Android media players? They have all apps, bluetooth, sat nav, cd, internet access, etc etc. Have one installed in my car unfortunatly I didnt put it in so I cant tell you what installation was like! In the meantime you could use a temporary...
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    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Fitted tinted 3D gel plates, team HEKO wind deflectors and give it a good clean inside n out :happy:
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    S4 B7 V8 Quattro

    Nice one mate, i told you you would lol, the sound alone is enough!
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    Main dealer prices!!

    I I got a free coffee while I was waiting to collect my car pal thats about it!