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    My Custom Design and built AV cabinet.. lots of pics!

    How much do you think it cost you to do in the end? Great work
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    B&O Speakers and larger/deeper adjustable boot?

    Hi All, Looking to buy a new A3 3 door in the next few weeks. I want the uprated B&O audio system but don't want it if I will lose the adjustable larger boot space. Not specing quattro either. Can anyone confirm if they have the B&O system and still have the deeper boot capacity? Many thanks...
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    Welcome to The Hulk

    I think the green might effect the residuals... Green is a notoriously bad luck colour for a car :(
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    going in for a gander

    Try HCS, he's a very good guy, he's helped me source cars in the past. Guys name is Julian Howarth, tell him I recommended him
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    S3 PCP Offer Advice

    Try carwow to see what other discounts are available
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    Post your RS3 eBay, Classifieds and For Sale links in here. Do not create a thread

    I have put carbon fibre seat backs and a full set of RS3 extended leather on ebay today, i will sell cheaper on the forum to members here, pm me
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    It looks dare I say it... Silly
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    Brake squeal on revised version

    Ah ok fair enough, so is it shims time John?
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    Scorpion non-res cat back syste.

    sounds good that, i'm very tempted by an exhaust....
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    Brake squeal on revised version

    Anyone got anywhere with this? Mines in with Audi at the moment and I am hoping they can do something as its as bad as the first version of brakes now
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    Happy Birthday to 45bvtc

    that is a lot of candles (surely too many) :hi: Happy Birthday John!
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    Unmarked police ... in RS3

    It's more likely seized from a crim and being put to use
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    RS3 service any recommends for a good dealer ?

    Audi York is doing mine end of the month