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Dec 23, 2020
Oct 12, 2007
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East Berks

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Member, from East Berks

VCDS Map User
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Dec 23, 2020
    1. Og9894
      Hi Kite, I’m in Bracknell area, I’m wondering whether you can help me activate cruise control on my 2006 Skoda Octavia. I’m installing a genuine stalk with cruise control, I’ve got a steering control module that supports cruise control. I understand it’s adding a engine code and editing another code digit via VCDS, please let me know if this is something you can help with
    2. garyl
      Hi Kite - Hope you are well. I wondered if you might be able to assist me with resetting a fault code on my Audi A3.
      I removed the glovebox and now the Airbag light won't go out so hoping all it needs is the fault read/reset...fingers crossed.
      Would really appreciate your help if you're available.

      Many Thanks

      PS - Looks like I'm pretty local to you as I'm in Warfield
    3. phil.h200
      Hi kite, I live in Roman way warfield Bracknell and wondered if you could help run a fault code check on my 2009 A3 Black Edition. Currently got several warning lights on the dash that won’t go off. Any help and advice would be brilliant!


    4. AudiStarN
      Hi kite, I am based in Earley. Having replaced G450 sensor on my A4, I need to calibarate it through VCDS. Any chance you could help? Thanks.
    5. LDVincenzo
      Hi, im in winnersh, are you able to activate cruise control on a 2007 S3?
      Thanks in advance
    6. GaryP
      Hi Kite. Looking for some help to run a diagnostics/error code check on an S4 I'm looking to purchase. The car is near Wokingham. Any chance you would be willing to meet me over there to help out? More than willing to sort you out with travel expense/time expense etc!!

    7. mymatedave
      Hi Kite,

      I wonder if you could possibly help me Unlock my DVD so i can update the maps, It seems to be factory locked so needs the code changing i believe.
      I Live Bracknell so can meet you at your convenience, I'm happy to pay you.

      Thank you in advance
    8. HB14
      Hi Kite, I'm wondering whether you may be able to code ADS and background lightning on my 2016 Audi Q5. I would be grateful for your help if you are able to oblige.
    9. Bruno Rodrigues
      Bruno Rodrigues
      Hi there. justo bought a new rsn-e and might need a bit of coding. Any chance you can help? cheers
    10. barbosan
      Hi, I'm in Bracknell and in need for a battery coding to try to sort a mmi problem. Would you help me with a vcds coding please. Thanks, Nuno
    11. FaisalFazeli
      took battery out for sub wiring, got few problems now:
      1. windows before were open/close one touch now u have to hold
      2. the dashboard middle bit with mpg etc needs updating as my car is 2011 model, it comes in a 2004 design :S

      email me if u can, in slough. faiisal@live.co.uk
    12. jellyrim
      Hi Kite,

      My Audi A4 (58 reg) has got some electric issues:

      1. Cruise control stopped working
      2. Tyre pressure warning light is always on
      3. Retro-fitting of hill start assist

      Wonder if you can help.

      Many thanks in advance.
    13. c_tahoe

      I have just joined up to the site for some help with ABS/ESP sensor faults. Suggestions were for a code check and I saw a moderator pop up a link to local people who are willing to help with code reads. I drive a 2004 2.0 tdi se 140 bhp.

      I am based near Lily Hill park and are wondering if you are able to help with a code read?

      I am hoping it is something simple like brake switch or abs sensor but not sure and trying to keep on top of the car before it's MOT in a few weeks.

      If you are interested and able to help, please drop me a PM and also what you normally ask for, for your time.

      Thanks in advance
      1. phil.h200
        Bit of long shot as you posted this in 2014 but Iv got the same issue with my 2009 A3 Black Edition. Did you figure out how to turn the warning lights off on your dash? Thanks Phil
        Feb 9, 2020
    14. johnsmith0774
      hi, how much would you charge to reset the variable service indicators on my ausi a3 '59 8P?
    15. kite
      just read your PM.
      Have you sorted the problem ?
    16. rossmalone
      Hi there,

      Can you help - I have an A6 with electrical issues? Get in touch if you can.

      Happy Christmas!

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