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    Images of how I installed a Blackvue DR650GW-2CH

    Yes that is correct.
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    Images of how I installed a Blackvue DR650GW-2CH

    The DR650GW-2CH only needs one cable to the rear camera, the coax carries both power and video signal.
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    Images of how I installed a Blackvue DR650GW-2CH

    As others have said avoid using the drivers side rubber as the DAB wiring passes through that, yes the passenger side has a lot more wires but it's still very straight forward to do with the right kit. Use a cable fish tape to fish it through. Remove the rubber both ends, it just pulls of...
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    Thinking of changing order to Riviera Blue

    Stuck with Sepang in the end. Couldn't justify the price tag!
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    MTM M-Cantronic - Should I?

    Well that's nice to see that the dealers and MTM all sing from the same hyme sheet..... NOT!! I contacted MTM themselves who forwarded my email onto a UK MTM dealer who I had also contacted directly. I was told the above by that said dealer, which now appears to not be the case. Let us know...
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    MTM M-Cantronic - Should I?

    I looked into purchasing a second hand unit but the price to get it working with another car fast approaches a new unit, that's before you have paid for the second hand unit as well. I spoke to MTM and the box needs programming to that specific car for it to work. The cost of programming and a...
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    DTUK box on manual S3 anyone?

    I have sent you a message @Silky-S3
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    Post your dirty pics!!!!!

    Had a winter protection detail done last month on mine by A-Star Valeting Oxfordshire. Some before, during and after shots. Great trust worthy guy, left the car at his and came back later that day to find a as good as new again S3. There is not many people I would leave with the keys to my car...
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    Interior light pack missing - RS3 as courtesy car

    Yet another missed option from Northampton. I don't know what they do when they submit the order but they seem very good at missing options!! The staff must be on another planet! That's about 5 separate incidents I know of this year including my saga at the start of the year. I really wanted...
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    Xenon Headlights (Bulb)

    Some cars have LED lights in projector housings, so don't confuse these with Xenons. LED's seem to have much more of a blue hue to them.
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    New car check

    With the none smoking pack you also get heavy duty wiring to cope with more load, so you can plug stuff in that is more demanding to run. I can't remember the max load of the top of my head, I am sure someone else will know.
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    Dash Cam Question - Blackview DR650 2Chn Owners

    No battery warnings at all. I got the ferrite rings from maplin, they are the clip on type. Here is a link to my thread with images of how I installed it all
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    Front and Rear Dash Cameras?

    Another vote for the Blackvue DR650-2ch. Pricey but worth it. In my opinion you need to have a rear facing camera as well, other wise in some situations you will only get half the story so to speak.
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    Dash Cam Question - Blackview DR650 2Chn Owners

    I use a power magic pro, so I don't have any issues with battery drain or start stop. In terms of DAB interference I don't seem to have much of that, maybe very slightly when the signal is weak anyway, but not enough to cause issues so I can't listen to it. Like I said only the odd drop out...
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    Empty buttons on the dashboard?

    Two blanks shown on the e-tron. If fitted with front sensors and self park, that would be all blanks used.