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Jun 20, 2018 at 11:29 PM
Jan 2, 2003
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Well-Known Member, from West coast of Scotland

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Jun 20, 2018 at 11:29 PM
    1. Amir-7-86
      5th August 2013
      Re: S3 to a3 clustesorry just a quick few questions on the fuel module there's 8 blades numbered but less wires on plug and an empty slot in pin 25 on cluster plug...
    2. Amir-7-86
      3C0 906 093C This is the part number for the s3 pump? I seen you've mention to connect 8-25 do I connect it to the plug because they have all slots will wires in? Lol
    3. Amir-7-86
      Hi mate I was wondering if you can help me I have a a3 2.0 fsi 2004 and recently bought and s3 cluster I know I have to get that coded to my car just need to find the right person, I can buy the s3 fuel delivery unit from the same guy I bought the s3 cluster from would that be the correct part?
    4. claud1
      hello,can you help me pls. i have an a3 and i need to find out the part number for the steering rack.... need a new one but dont know if pattern part or used is best as cannot afford a new one.
    5. Ash B
      Ash B
      your lucky i cant comment back on that thread. "light weight":p
    6. martinivw
      Holy **** Ewan, how the hell do I release the earth pin ???
      I tried pushing a pin in each hole to depress the tabs but I was wondering if there was a specific way of removal???
    7. Quaylejames
      Could you help me please with a retrofit? my post is called DRL LIGHTS
    8. Reedswood
      I'm down South East now...have been since I was a 12!

      Is your motor manual or auto?

      Just got my A3 at the weekend for 5.5...just done 100,000
    9. Khufu
      Great, please keep me up to date on all they need to do. Again, I'm really sorry for scratching the RNS-E when the key slipped - i feel bad about it :-(
    10. sbhoy17
      Hi mate the car is going to that garage AforAudi in Clydebank on Tuesday so let you know who I get on they seem really good all ex audi technicians so we shall see ps cheers for your help again

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    2003-2008 1998 Red A3 8L 1.8 Sport
    2008 -> 2003 Akoya Silver A3 8P1 2.0 FSi Sport
    2018 -> 2015 Glacier white 1.4 tfsi s-line