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    Are B6's constant money pits?

    mines all done ive rectified all its minor faults ,just needs a new owner now as im trying to sell it
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    S4 ARB or RS4 ARB?

    use the old brkts ,just need new bushes , get an rs4 arb , much better !
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    Hmmm... every conceivable extra!

    Wheres the xenon lights with washers,wheres the bodykit,wheres the satnav,wheres the mp3 player,wheres the 18"s,wheres the brushed ally interior trim,the list goes on,mines got all that!
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    potential new B6 member

    another fualt i repaired was the crankcase breather elbow, they go brittle with age and breakup ,i was getting fumes in the car , bought an elbow for £17 and its fine now good to go!
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    potential new B6 member

    yeah no prob tom
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    potential new B6 member

    Mines had the oil pump and pick up pipe replaced about 15k ago
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    potential new B6 member

    thanks , i have too many cars ,this needs to go
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    Oem Xenon lights dim!

    i have a new set of d1s 4300k bulbs with halfords super brilliance h7 mainbeam bulbs for sale , much brighter than the oem
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    potential new B6 member

    i have just the car for you , its an 04 1.8tq s-line in mauritous blue , sat nav, xenon lights etc 2004 AUDI A4 1.8T(190) S LINE QUATTRO | eBay everythings been soted out on it , new crankcase breather hose recently fitted , dual mass f/w clutch etc
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    New owner of 1.8t (190) S line ... Few pics & questions

    Ive got a 190 s line quattro same colour too and its got satnav,trying to selll it ,no one seems to want it
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    Anyone running tein basic coilovers

    just sold a set of tein springs ,offered a good std s line ride and handled ok , felt like oem springs , looked good too
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    Today joined all those rocking the RS4 RARB

    ive sold it now , thanks to everyone who took interest
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    Today joined all those rocking the RS4 RARB

    I have one for sale, comes with bushes too, its an excellent mod, im selling the car so putting it back to std
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    what can i expect to pay for a 1.8t quattro saloon?

    im thinking of selling my 1.8tq s line , its an 04 in mauritious blue with satnav too done 86k
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    RS4 style diffuser

    dont like my s line rear bumper ,looking for some insperation on a diffuser , anyone know much about this one below or any other types ,i know its an avant but will it fit on my 2004 s line saloon Audi A4 B6 RS4 Rear Diffuser |