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    312mm brake upgrade

    4B0 615 125A Is the part number for the carriers,I think one is 125A and the other side is 125B Using A6 C5 312mm brembo discs and standard b5 pads
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    1.9tdi, revs by itself and little power

    Fuel shut of valve,is the shut of solinoid and is on the back of the pump with one cable going in to it,it's possible to take it out to the best of my knowledge
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    9" wide

    Though I had already uploaded this mate,i have 15mm spacers on the front,but that's for a different reason that will be revealed soon
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    2000 2.8 V6 Quattro Resurrection - 4.2 V8 40v Swap planned

    Really looking forward to seeing this mate
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    Fwd rear break upgrade

    Yeah mate,same part number as Passat b5 and skoda supurbs,stock b5 carriers and not really an upgrade but the potential to upgrade at some point
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    Fwd rear break upgrade

    after much planning I have finally tackled the rear brakes on my b5,after doing a lot of reading (and thanks to Aragorn) I decided to see if changing my rear hubs to Audi 100 c4 hubs would actually allow me to upgrade to separate discs like most normal cars and then in future possibly increase...
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    9" wide

    I'm running 215/35s on my 18x9j et35 with a major stretch,tyres don't rub at all front or rear but the lip of the wheel catches the arch on the rear over some bumps,but then the car is pretty low
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    1.9 TDi intermittent jerkiness when driving....

    Possibly the coolant temp sensor too,would make sense if it's only doing it when warm,my afn didn't show any fault code when the CTS was gone but would never reach 90 degrees either until I changed it out
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    Anyone breaking a b5 quattro?

    Hey mate do you still have those hubs available?
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    Links to A4/S4/B5 compatible Ebay finds and classified. FOR SALE/WANTED/ BREAKING

    Hey guys,is anyone on here breaking a tqs/Quattro b5? I've a mate looking for rear hubs,PM me with details, cheers
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    Recaro rails

    Cheers mate,do you know if the sport seat frame any different to your standard run of the mill a4 b5 seats?ie do they bolt or unbolt?i can get two donor seats from a mate for nothing and chopping.turns out also they aren't pole positions,they are speeds in black on black.need a little repair but...
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    Recaro rails

    From the looks of that frame/rail it shouldn't be overly difficult to fab something from a set of scrap seats. Cheers mate,the fountain of knowledge :yes:
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    Recaro rails

    hey guys I have the opportunity to pick up two recaro 'pole position' seats for a very good price,but I would need rails for them,I know recaros had b5 specific rails but I can't find any listed anywhere. Can anyone shed some light on these,or better still does anyone have any for sale ;)...
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    Vnt15/20 hybrid

    Yeah that's exactly it,the vnt20 compressor is probably too large for the 15 hotside but I'll let whoever buys it be the judge of that ;) I would say it is but then I've heard lots of people saying the vnt15 is the same as a gt1749v so i don't know tbh,I've never had the two side by side.
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    Vnt15/20 hybrid

    knocked this up this afternoon when I had a few minutes to spare,still needs balancing but it's pretty much cost me nothing so far.gonna put it up for sale at some point in the new yeah and put some money towards some larger injector nozzles