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    Hi Sean I'm contacting you for some VCDS mods. Would you be available to carry these out for...

    Hi Sean I'm contacting you for some VCDS mods. Would you be available to carry these out for me? i have A4 avant 190Nav+ 2015 B8, be happy to compensate you for your time cheers Kev
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    thanks, will do :)
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    i'd like some help switching on some functions if anyone is available, can be aberdeen/montrose areas. PM me if you have availability, i can send list of mods i want carried out. Thanks
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    anyone in aberdeen or surrounding able to carry this out?
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    Cycle racks (roof mounted) correct positioning

    after a bit of an argument with the "tech" at Audi who had "installed hundreds of these without issues" i pointed out the error of his ways by not reading the manual correctly, cue a huffy moment from him... he then walked off saying "i don't know then".. 20 minutes later a young tech came out...
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    Guy Martin back at 2017 TT

    I love the TT and biking in general, Used to be a big fan of Guy (not now) but his comments at the NW200 were nothing short of child like. He has been given the best chances and bikes, but when he fails to win he has always to find something to deter the focus from that (ie throwing a strop)...
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    Paint spec

    posted here as i've no idea where it's preferred. Wondering if anyone would have the specification (or know where to locate it) for Audi paint, in particular their standard for quality checks, average DFT coverage. I've tried to locate online but no much luck thanks
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    Cycle racks (roof mounted) correct positioning

    has anyone fitted cyle racks to their avant? wonder if you could post a photo for them, both sides of car, i have mine fitted but pretty sure Audi fitted them incorrectly
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    Orange Peel

    Anyone noticed this on their car? I've reported it to Audi but they request hi-res images now. Basically it'll be another battle with them. I wondered if anyone had been down this route and what the outcome was. Their paint finish is pretty poor, they obviously have no tolerances as their DFT...
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    10K not enough for Ronnie

    bell end!!!! imagine you had a bet on for him to 147. that should have same repercussions as a goalie saying, the grass was a bit wet on the left, so i went right knowing i'd not save it.
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    3D black gel plates

    You got a photo?, i fancy these too
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    The limited edition and high end watch thread

    HMMM, turns out i did upload previously, oops..
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    swap shop

    when i was in the building trade, there was a scheme set up called barter it (or something to that effect) it worked the same way, basically we used to enrol in the scheme (no commitment) and people would apply with the job they could offer and what they wanted, no money would change hands. this...
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    The limited edition and high end watch thread

    omega seamaster & omega speedmaster schumacher ltd edition, never been out box can't be ***** posting pics though
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    Sat nav DVD

    i just put DVD into mine, plays itself, try it