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    SQ5 Warrantry

    Have Audi offered you the chance to extend the warranty?
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    I was in my local main dealers at the weekend and they said that all A3 & A4 Diesel have taken a bit hit on price. I'm looking to trade my B8.5 A4 3.0 TDI Quattro Black Edition Nav with loads of factory options fitted, only to be told it's lots over 50% of its original value. Which is annoying...
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    5 series BMW courtesy car!

    Doesn't hurt to try something else, I recently had a VW Touareg 3.0 V6 TDI hired for my Audi UK while they fixed my A4 Avant. It was like a bus but nice to drive.
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    2015 A4 Avant 3.0 TDI Black Edition

    As posted above this was implemented with the EU6 Engine (Adblue) My car was ordered June 2015 with the exhaust's on each side but when it arrived September 2015 it has twin pipe on the passenger side.
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    19" winters

    I drop down to 18" Wheels & Tyres for Winter as per Audi recommendation. Cost me less to do this than by 19" winter's
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    Winter tyres

    I have a set of wheels & Winter Tyres for sale in the classified section. open to reasonable offers
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    Storage Pack

    I spec'ed this on my car mostly for the nets on the backs of the seats & lockable glove box
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    Winter Wheel and Tyres

    So who changes to Winter wheels & Tyres, and what do people run?
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    Sepang A4 Black Edition NAV

    Yes the Exhaust's have been change to the left side only like the 2.0 much to my disgust, it's all to do with the mew EU6 engine. I originally ordered the Acoustic exhaust option but after a bit of confusion was told it won't fit cars fitted with the EU6 engine, the EU6 engine runs Ad-Blue...
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    Sepang A4 Black Edition NAV

    Got a letter from Audi this week for my old 2.0TDi, but from what I have read the 3.0 TDI's aren't affected. This has the new EU6 Engine with Ad-Blue
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    Sepang A4 Black Edition NAV

    Picked up my new A4 3.0 V6TDI S-Line Black Edition Nav at the end of last month but this is the first chance I have had to take some pictures. Spec Advanced Key Audi drive select Audi hill-hold assist Audi Parking System Advanced Convenience package Fine Nappa...
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    Check if you're affected.

    My 2013 A4 2.0TDI S-line Black Edition Quattro Avant (177) is on the list, but luckily for me I traded it in 10 days ago for a new A4 Black Edition NAV with the new EU6 engine
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    a4 b8 3.0tdi active sound exhaust

    my mate paid £1200 fitted about 6 weeks ago, & it sounds graet
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    B8.5 orders

    I had a 177 courtesy car in the spring and found it span its wheels easily after being used to my 177 Quattro
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    B8.5 orders

    spot on, that's why like you I am getting one of the last B8.5 BE Nav's