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    What did you do to your audi today

    I spent the entire afternoon/evening with my S3; Felixstowe to Lytham St Annes in 9 hours!!! 1.5hrs sat in a jam on the A14 near Cambridge, then a diesel spillage on the M6 north so decided on M1/M62. Then there was an accident on the M1 about a mile in front of me. Stuck for another hour plus...
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    Unusual Cracks Appeared On Windscreen

    Hi, I did look into that but as my excess was £160 and the windscreen isn't that much more, I decided to avoid the hassle and stick with the local fitters who have a great reputation (my insurance company use Autoglass and I didn't really want to go with them).
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    Unusual Cracks Appeared On Windscreen

    Hi, thanks for taking an interest in this, I appreciate it. It was tipping down yesterday so I didn't try to get the shots. I've just been out to try and capture them but unfortunately, I just can't get a clear photo from the outside due to the reflections. I did call a local windscreen...
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    Unusual Cracks Appeared On Windscreen

    Not a good start for me as far as Audi after sales service goes. Despite a number of e-mails/calls, Audi at Bury St Edmunds didn't get back to me to confirm that I could take the car in tomorrow. As such, I cancelled a work commitment in Suffolk and stuck with my original appointment at Preston...
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    Unusual Cracks Appeared On Windscreen

    Thanks both, I really appreciate those responses. I'll call in to the Audi dealership tomorrow........
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    Pothole :(

    Yeah, like others I'm absolutely fed up of potholes; these days, I seem to spend more time looking at the road surface than the road ahead. I complained to Highways England last month after hitting a huge pothole in the road works on the Cheshire stretch of the M6. It made such a bang that I...
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    Unusual Cracks Appeared On Windscreen

    Hi Folks, I've had my S3 since December. Whilst sat in traffic on the M25 yesterday I had a WTF moment as, seemingly from nowhere, I noticed two identical horizontal cracks at either side of my windscreen. They come from the edge and are at head height, both are exactly the same 'shape' and...
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    @K4R3N_86 @davemk Long time no speak fellow week 45-ers and happy new year! How's it going, are you enjoying your cars? I'm in love with the S3 and I've gotten to grips with all the on-board tech now. Worryingly though, I've already racked up over 3K of my 15K mile allowance in less than 2...
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    Amazon Music issue with MMI

    Veering off topic slightly but this may be useful to some people. I've been assessing Apple Car Play but it just doesn't seem to offer much, especially in terms of listening to music. I too use Amazon Music for my Sonos in the house but as far as playing music in my car, you can't beat the SD...
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    Playing Blu-Ray Audio & DVD Audio Discs

    Although after trying a DVD for the first time today, I've noted that the audio does indeed continue playing whilst you are driving which I didn't expect. Pretty cool and allows you to listen to Concert & DVD Audio discs on the move in 5.1 :tonguewink:
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    Thanks, I don’t have any decent photos yet so just testing Tapatalk with this (taken through the window!); Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    A very enjoyable collection Dave; everything went smoothly and I enjoyed the drive North. I actually kept in in comfort mode for most of the way but when I reached the final stretch I switched to Dynamic and Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! It's a monster. I love everything about it, just an amazing car. My...
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    Audi Connect

    Hi, I've just brought home my new S3 and I have registered with Audi Connect (I'm seeing Google Earth in the car, etc.). The key user agreement states that you should enter the 10 digit vehicle code from the fob but the new S3's only have a 4 digit code. Do you know if this is the one that...
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    yourAudi - Track New Car Order

    That’s exactly what I thought! :disrelieved: It was a little sad to leave the ST in that carpark tonight I must say; it’s been a great car. So all sorted now thanks and I’m in Suffolk. I just couldn’t resist swinging by the dealership on way my down the A14. I finally found my S3 outside waiting...