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  • Hi keith,
    Really sorry, but will not be able to come down tonight to pick up the exhaust. Can you name another date/time please. Some time during Saturday would be a good day for me , you ? I've just been reminded of a previous commitment for tonight. sorry.


    Yes I have the same can fitted to my S3 which I also bought during the GB last year. It fits fine and works brilliantly. Depending on how many miles you do it does need emptying quite often. I cover 300-400 miles a week and at the moment am emptying it once a week. To me this is no bother at all however it might be to others hence why I'm telling you. Once the weather warms up it will not need emptying as often.


    Hi Keith, SteveP has already sold his Catch Can so I have got in touch with Robin instead and sent him your details.
    Hi Keith, I have sent him a PM, Robin also has a catch can for sale so you want me to ask him as well?
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