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    2.0TFSI Exhaust Help

    Hey bud,I'm getting a 3" (76Mm) Deccated downpipe from the turbo right back to the resonator(back box) installed tomorrow on my A3 8p 2.0Tfsi...When you installed your one did it have cat foolers on them? Did it throw any codes? Check engine light etc? Reason I'm asking is cause the new one I'm...
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    Advice please, 2006 A3 8p Decat downpipe

    Hey guys,new member here! So this is my first Audi,I've had it for about 2 years now. Its the BWA spec(147KW) ,2.0Tfsi DSG. Car is completely stock,so I wanted a bit more power out of it.So tomorrow I am going to install a 76mm decat downpipe..My question is,have any of you installed similar...