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    Which A5?

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    which mobile phones work best with bluetooth in car?

    We switch between various Audis and Nokia 6300 and 6500 work perfectly.:sob:
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    A4 Cab purchase

    Feel free to dispute... I sat on both for many miles as did my family the Sport Seats are way better than the SE which only have minimal support. KK:slap:
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    1 litre of oil in 6 weeks/2500 miles

    They do drink oil.. mapping won't help.:redrs4:
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    Audi A4 S Line special edition

    ECU Map and exhaust...:blush:
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    My New S5 Wheels

    We don't have 18in S5 wheels in the UK... far too small.
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    2009 A3 Sportback NEED HELP!

    Don't remove roof rails, they make Sportback look more cool (In my opinion):search:
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    Got a new Golf Mk6, disappointing..

    Maybe maybe not.... Sharon and Tracy.....?? Names.... Cars... maybe there is a co-relation?
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    My A3 S-Line and wish list

    Sorry.. How do I do that then? I'm new here.. Feel free to start one for me if you like. KK:yes:
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    A4 Cab purchase

    That is 100% correct for 2002 onwards. Standard (SE) seata are horrid. :blackrs4:
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    My A3 S-Line and wish list

    First must have for me is QUATTRO.......:blackrs4: Isn't that what makes modern Audis? Discuss.
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    2.0 tfsi quattro buying advice, general advice please

    Great we are agreeing... still don't fancy them gren brake lights!!:lmfao:
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    2.0 tfsi quattro buying advice, general advice please

    I have had 2.0T Fsi FWD and Quattro 53 and 05 reg. The Quattro is so so much nicer to drive, and handles like a dream. FWD scrambles from take off and felt far less secure and not so quick. Obvious choice for me. QUATTRO every time ... it's what Audis are best at.
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    S3 number plate for sale

    My S3 had 225 bhp! :blackrs4: That spacing looks a bit dodgy too. Our Police love pulling us over.
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    Discounts on S4

    £40 is a bargain, it's easy and far better value than a Multi function steering wheel. If in a hilly area (as I am) just click on hill hold once and it does everything perfectly! Hill Hold is a seperate switch closer to pilot than the handybrake switch. KK:blackrs4: