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    Hi, I have problems with servo steering. Most of the times, servo doesn't work and the servo witness on the dashboard is mostly on than off. Is it the power steering box or another thing (like ECU)? I am searching for a SH power steering box, but can't find one with exactly the code that I have...
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    Alloy fitment

    They probably fit well but you need to check also the ET. And if it has tires on, they are probably 235/45/17 and for A3 Audi claims 225/45/17.
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    New Wheels? RS6

    I know 225/45/17 won't fit on 18"! I was just saying that the normal size is 225/45/17 and 225/40/18. And since 235 was in the discussion, I said that I have asked before (for me) if 235/45/17 it's ok for an A3 or I'll better stick to 225/45/17. And people told me to stick to 225. That is why I...
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    New Wheels? RS6

    Is it good to go for 235 tires? I asked this thing in a thread and people told me I should stick to 225/45/17. It shouldn't be different for 18", except that it is 225/40 instead of 225/45. No?
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    will 235/45/17 work on A3? or stick to 225/45/17?

    Nally, I am looking for a different model. Looking for them at, since is closer to me. Ok, since everyone is saying to go only for 225/45/17, I'll do that. I don't want the risc of damaging something with the car. If any new opinios, pleas write. Thanks for the help, guys!
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    will 235/45/17 work on A3? or stick to 225/45/17?

    Thanks for the answers, I'll stick with 225/45/17. I live in Belgium. I don't know exactly what kind of wheels you have, I need to see a photo.
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    will 235/45/17 work on A3? or stick to 225/45/17?

    Hello, I am searching on ebay 17" wheels with tires mounted (5 spoke s-line model) and I find many from A4 and A6. They have ET45 and it seems that is also ok for the A3. But most of them have fitted 235/45/17 tires. Should I buy them like this or stick with 225/45/17? What are the...
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    Help, advise, tips, suggestions! Buying the right wheels!!!

    I know someone with 18" ET37 wheels and he says that it rubbing just a little bit only when he has 4/5 people in the car and at big bumps. So ET35, ET37 might seem to be on the edge.
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    Oil consumption 140 tdi

    I usually put half liter in almost 10.000 km. No more than 1-1.5 liters at an oil change. I don't see it as a problem...
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    ET for 17" wheel question

    I see that most of A3 wheels have ET50 and ET54. Is it ok to put wheels with ET40, ET 43, ET45? Like some models made for the A4...the 5 spoke S-line?
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    ET for 17" wheel question

    Can you please help me with an information: I need to know what J and ET I can put on a 17" wheel. This information is on a conformity certificate I think and I don't have it. I would like to know what is the minimum ET for the wheel... Thank you!
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    2.0 140 TDI Oil ?

    I've had Castrol 5w-40, now I have Mobil1 5w-30 esp formula. I think that any well known brand it's ok.