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    DSG agro...

    Something doesn't sit right here. The car is 5 years old and done 60k miles? That is no where near the end of it's life and the gearbox should be in servicable condition. I would attempt to get hold of Audi and ask them if they think the cost's you are likely to incur are reasonable? As for...
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    RNS-E : speedo camera data

    So does any one know how much this costs on top of the two DVD's you'll need?
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    A3 Desiel DSG

    Do it, I doubt you'll want to go back to a manual. I had DSG in my R32 and had it as a must have when I changed to a more frugal 170 diesel. I miss the noise though.... :(
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    Yes should work fine - you'll need the adaptor though I think. AUDI RNS-E adapter A3 A4 A6 Diversity antenna 0141 on eBay (end time 06-Dec-10 14:19:49 GMT) You'll also need to code the car (or get someone with VAGCOM to do it). You may want to look at SDS too if you have bluetooth car...
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    how easy is it to install a dvd sat nav from audi in to a concept radio 2009 slot.

    I use it to enter the destination mainly and to turn traffic messages on and off. Find it very useful and much easier than using the dial to enter in the details.
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    how easy is it to install a dvd sat nav from audi in to a concept radio 2009 slot.

    Hi, I've just done this- you need the following. Removal keys (£7 from Audi) Sat antenna (few quid from ebay) Someone friendly from the forums with VCDS to code it to your car. If you give me a bit more info on the car I will try to help whilst all the info is relatively fresh in my memory...
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    Black Edition

    I installed an RNS-E (2008) in mine and enabled SDS, kept the Aux Input, iPod input all for less than £500. It's a bit of work but relatively straight forward. You have to move some pins but all the info is out there if you take the time to research it. The iPod tracks don't show on mine but I...
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    Selling up

    I think it looks great value for money - had I have seen that 3 weeks ago I probably would have snapped your hand off.
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    2.0 tdi Sport - Eibach Pro, Sportline or H&R

    Hi all, hate to hijack but seemed to make more sense than starting a new thread. I have a Black Edition (2.0 Tdi 170)and would like it a bit lower. I'd rather not spend a fortune and was thinking along the spring route. Damian - you seem to be the man in the know on this, how much lower would...
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    Painted Calipers

    they look pretty good from what I can make out in the signature. A big photo would be useful if you have chance? Thanks,
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    Window rattle.

    hey no need to apologise - it's a public forum and whilst it's sort of nice to hear I'm not the only person suffering from this irritation, it's good that it's sparked some useful debate on how it could be rectified. Audi will be looking at mine next week I think. I'll let you know if they...
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    Window rattle.

    Hi all, anyone had this problem? The drivers door/window seems to rattle from time to time on my A3 SB. The rattle happens on uneven road surfaces. If I drop the window slightly it stops. The other thing I've noticed is that it goes away if the car is wet. I can also stop it if I push outwards...
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    Painted Calipers

    how old is your car? I would have thought they shouldn't have rusted as much as they have on mine, as I say it's less than 18 months old.
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    Painted Calipers

    going to try to convince the dealer it should be covered by warranty - the car is only a year and a half old. What do you think the chances are?
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    Installed an RNS-E into my A3

    Hi all, thanks to this forum I have read up on, bought, fitted and coded an RNS-E into my A3. I have even managed to flash the firmware to include SDS and make the Aux active (the Black Edition comes with and Aux in socket). Massive thank you to all that helped - you know who you are!! Just...