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    Audi extended warranty - worth it or not?

    I was offered the same and ignored it. My car has under 20k on it in 3 years and the only issue ive ever had is the ashtray not retracting on the console which was fixed under warranty.
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    The Black Edition

    Lovely That grille is exactly what i need. Where did you pick it up mate?
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    Sold BMW M Sport bicycle (brand new but not for me)

    wonder how this would look with my baby seat attached ;)
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    Eibach Lowering Springs for BiTdi

    The any good for an ultra 2.0 or spring weights out?
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    Cars back from the body shop and my new rims are on

    This is great, ive been looking at these wheels and now know they look perfect! Do you a straight side on pic of whole car i could see?
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    Selling hatchbag cover for Avant

    Not sure of its the done thing but seems to be lost in the selling section when only fit for in here... Anyone interested can PM me, id rather move it this side of xmas so open to offers
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    Grilles ???

    I've been looking for a black honeycomb one without the quattro at the bottom for ages. Have a 2018 C7.5 black edition that has the S6 grille and not feeling it at all
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    SIM choices

    good question. does the sim work independently form your phone connection then? ie no need to be same network or anything
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    Mmi version

    Semantics eh? ;)
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    Mmi version

    This isnt true. I had RMC sd card based version and am now running MIB2 with full colour cluster and maps, as i said it isn't a cheap upgrade but its achievable although i had to drive to London to have it done.
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    Mmi version

    Short answer is yes it can be done, but, it’s not cheap. Couple of threads already on here I’m sure
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    My bitdi build thread

    what width are these wheels?
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    My bitdi build thread

    Been looking at those wheels myself but cant bring myself to buy reps and not got the budget for genuine as yet. Look great on the car however
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    Start/Stop question

    Mines is £425 or thereabouts due to the tax changing onto value when new being over£40k...