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Just Rob.
Jun 13, 2014
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May 12, 1963 (Age: 56)
In the Surrey countryside
part-time Daredevil

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Just Rob.

Moderator, Male, 56, from In the Surrey countryside

Staff Member Moderator Regional Rep Team Brilliant Black Team Daytona TFSI Owners Group Gold Supporter VCDS Map User Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro S-line owners group Manual
    1. Lizard821000
      Found ya mate!
      1. Just Rob. likes this.
      2. Just Rob.
        Just Rob.
        yep, not hard to miss me...lol
        Jun 19, 2019
        Lizard821000 likes this.
    2. Leigh a4
      Leigh a4
      How much do you want for the cat rob
    3. Paul Gallagher
      Paul Gallagher
      Hey Rob I'm looking to do pcv delete and was looking to get either a kit from ya or some 3/8-25mm fittings. Can ya help me
    4. Chrisc77
      Hi Rob, just wondering if you still offer access to your VCDS and expertise? I have a MK2 TT that is giving me a bit of a headache with a persistent alarm siren that likes to go off at 4 in the morning! I'm based in Dorking. Can pay or offer beer in return, just let me know what your preference would be. Many thanks
    5. Adeel43
      @Just Rob. I've got a pretty bad battery drain issue and was hoping you could run a autoscan via VCDS on my A3? Thanks, Adeel
    6. David Adegbiyi
      David Adegbiyi
      Hi, was wondering if you're still providing access to a VCDS cable?
    7. martin1984
      Hi Rob just checking you have got my pm.
    8. craigsmithy1987
      was wondering the next time your free to plug my car in and see why its has a emitions light on my audi a3 2012 2tdi... if you could message me nearest time which your available. would like to do it sometime this week if possible
    9. audi-phile
      Hi Rob, I find myself in a bit of a pickle with a persistent airbag error light. The vehicle is a 2012 Audi A1. I made the mistake of running it with glovebox unplugged and having re-fitted, realised it isn't self clearing. Trading car in in 2 days and hoping someone can lend a friendly hand. I'm based in Epsom and able to travel and would be happy to pay for your time and expertise. Many thanks, Henry
    10. wild westie
      wild westie
      Hello, I changed the dash trim on my a4 b8 disconnecting the airbag lamp switch and now the airbag lamp is on in the speedo, can you reset this living in Surbiton where are you and can you assist?
    11. Tom Colyer
      Tom Colyer
      I noticed that you may have access to VAGCOM, I have an injector fault on my A3 8l 2003 and I was wondering if you would be willing to read the fault codes on my car, Obviously I would be happy to pay or reward you with beer, which ever you would prefer. My number is 07835039291

      Many Thanks
    12. LBZ
      Hello fellow Audi fan!
      I came across your reply in one of the threads about brake upgrades and really could use your help.
      Did I understand correctly that your b7 a4 was fitted with OEM drilled discs all around (320x30mm front; 288x30 rear)?
      If so, do you know the part numbers for those by any chance?
      I'm looking to upgrade the discs on my 04 b7 3.0 tdi quattro after the front ones warped :/
      Many thanks in advance!
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    May 12, 1963 (Age: 56)
    In the Surrey countryside
    part-time Daredevil
    Make of Car:
    Audi Model:
    Brilliant Black
    Old Style RS4 19" Alloys, 90mm stainless tips, Cupra Splitter, RS4 ARB, Full Black Valcona leather interior, RS4 ARB factory fit, H&R 45's allround, bilstein B8's , 034 cat, 034 TIP
    United Kingdom United Kingdom
    On a mission .

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    Avant quattro Special Edition
    Time and age are but just numbers …….life goes on just the same..
    Brilliant Black 2.0tfsi old bus.

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