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    Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

    A terrible photo of my estoril blue
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    Latest Audi **** up...

    There is **** ups then there is monumental **** ups.
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    Auto lights .. seem to come on too soon

    I'm sure there is a setting for the light sensitivity within the car setup menu somewhere. You don't need VCDS.
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    Engine remap and insurance increase

    Over a grand at 51 regardless of a previous claim is mental! My 8p s3 at 22 was £600 for the year with admiral and the 8v s3 is slightly cheaper now at 24. That's all with an LS postcode which is apparently one of the worst.
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    Audi Pano roof problem

    Mine has just come back from Audi after having the pano roof replaced because a crack was found. First of all they said it would take 2 weeks that quickly escalated to five weeks so hope your luck is better than mine.
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    Wet passenger footwell

    Slight update, Huddersfield can't do the job so car has been sent to Harrogate Audi and hoping to get it back before Christmas.
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    Wet passenger footwell

    Got an A5 cabriolet at the moment but it's like driving a jelly, so might see what I can change it to with it being at least a couple of weeks.Tbh I'm so meticulous when it comes to my car but I didn't notice it.
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    Another mpg thread! (S3 owners please read!)

    I would make sure your mpg setting is in the UK units. When my mpg was terrible it's because it was set to US units for some reason.
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    Wet passenger footwell

    Update! Audi have found the leak, the pano roof has a slight crack where it seals. Full new pano roof has been ordered and it's had to go to Huddersfield for the work to be completed. Should be at least a couple of weeks. Also have to change the windscreen as that has to come out aswell. So glad...
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    Wet passenger footwell

    Car has gone in today so we shall see what the story is soon hopefully. Got an A5 cabriolet as a courtesy car, not a fan.
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    Wet passenger footwell

    Yeah going in first thing tomorrow will report back the findings
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    Wet passenger footwell

    It's how sudden it's gone from dry to soaking that makes me worry, if it was a small leak I'm sure I would of noticed a slight dampness at some point.
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    Wet passenger footwell

    Had the car since July, but came with 8k on the clock. Hoping it's not something more sinister than a blocked drain
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    Wet passenger footwell

    Hello all, Driving home last night and the better half noticed her bag was soaking. After a look, the passenger side footwell is **** wet through. It's not coolant, and over the autumn I have parked under trees so quite a few leaves have ended up on the car so could of blocked a drain.....maybe...
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    Remap my S3? OBD/Tricore?

    I would be going to a reputable firm (APR, REVO) or a very well known independent r-tech or Rick at unicorn.