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    Carbon vinyl or chemical dip??? Hmmm

    It's easy to do your self just buy the kit .
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    Real carbon b pillars group buy

    The guy who makes these is located in Europe and he don't have a company web site but working in the industry on a professional bases if this helps .
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    Real carbon b pillars group buy

    they guy I get my carbon for my other car makes them .
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    Real carbon b pillars group buy

    I'm looking in to a group buy on these if any one is intreated ? They are made from real 2x2 twill and then 2k clear coat for protection and look amazing . £150 delivered 3door or sport back .
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    Piano Black B Pillar covers

    I know a guy who makes them out of carbon fiber 2x2 twill.
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    bbs ck's or vmr style?? cant decide

    I have a set of bbs ck in anthercite with Avon 225 35 19 tyres for sale coming off my S3 after gti international as my car will be on the revo stand . £900 if any one is interested .
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    Photo shop request

    Can any one change the colour of this caddy for me to black and a set of anther cite bbs ck please
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    HELP? Tyres at a good price?

    Try camskill quite cheap
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    Stage 2+ Should I?

    Stage 2+ is a must for any S3 IMO mine is so quiet when driving under 2500 rpm round town then it turns in to a monster when I boot it .
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    PaulieMB's Mellow Yellow Progress Thread

    I hate you right about now paullie you have my wheels lol. Have you seen them bimoto wheels on piston heads 9.5j wide just to wide for my car . If it was me I would go for a light graffite Gray with a crystal specal in the top coat and the mtm in yellow .
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    The "Rimz" Thread ** Look here before requesting pics of specific wheels**

    They are anthercite done at city powder coaters in Birmingham for £20 per wheel . And they are 19"
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    PaulieMB's Mellow Yellow Progress Thread

    Smoaked chrome all the way . Was these for sale on the r32oc as i pm'd a guy about a set buy the time i got back to my computer a day later he had sold them lol .