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    MY21 / MY22 rear arm rest

    Agreed I have them with storage pack
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    Variable Servicing

    I use an Audi specialist they update Audi Uk with service ands Audi dealer confirmed just keep the invoices fraction of price to main dealer.
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    MY17 B&O = Carplay present?

    Hi yes you should have car play mine does
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    Audi connect

    Hi just went in my Audi app says update £14.50 have a look maybe worth going through app?
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    Audi connect

    I extended mine for free very easy but I did call a month before renewing as took about 10 days to update
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    Audi UK Configurator vs EU

    I queried this with my local dealer, agree really annoying they said unfortunately uk buyers cannot speck a car as they want like they used to. That is why I am thinking of staying with my car because I do not want another black edition but not have the options on my current car like heated rear...
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    Audi UK Configurator vs EU

    Yep all to do with co2 emissions. I have already decided might keep my Audi as I cannot get the options I want and have on my current car. Really frustrating as a number of options have now disappeared from the model list from 3 years ago.
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    Chrome exhaust tips

    I use autosol chrome polish come up a treat
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    Servicing at franchised dealer

    I am on a 4 year pcp and have been using an Audi specialist for all my service and mot they up date Audi uk web with service details. Service fraction of price to main dealer all Audi parts. When I last went in the dealer they said fine just keep paperwork
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    Matrix LED no longer an option on A4

    I have found I cannot get half the options I have on my black edition anymore unless as you say go for the vorsprung that you have to pay a heavy price for. Spoke to dealer supposedly it is to do with co2 and the car being heavy with more and more options being added!!! At the moment thing I...
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    Misano red paint code

    LZ3M/Z3M Says that on the internet
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    B9.5 10.5 inch MMI Screen Rattle

    I would not risk touching it if it breaks big bill get the dealer to fix worth it in the end. Unusual my screen is solid no movement or rattle
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    Safety Recall - Starter - Alternator 2.0 Litre TFSI engine 2017 - 2020

    Mine is going in Thursday to be changed. Had to wait awhile for the part
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    does having a service done by independent garage effect resale

    I used 4 rings Audi specialist, used Audi parts all Audi technicians way less than a main dealer