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    Dorset/Hampshire Meets?

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone knows of any meets in Dorset/Hampshire? Have searched here and a few other sites all seems very quiet....
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    What do you like?

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    Detailer recommends Dorset?

    Bournemouth/Poole area to be more precise. Any detailers anyone would recommend? Many thanks!
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    New or used?

    I did a quote a few months back through CarWow and a few dealers were offering approx 4-5% of a new specced car with a value of 50k ish. That’s said, the order list is currently closed for many of the S and RS models for the foreseeable future. I spoke to 3 dealers who said they didn’t know...
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    RS3 MPG - what is the best you have achieved ?

    39.2 a few days ago on motorway over about 80 miles doing 50-70 in traffic. Genuinely surprised it was that good!
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    What do you do for a job?

    Business Jet Pilot for a small corporate outfit.
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    RNSE Draining car battery?

    On a side note, is there a fuse in the car anywhere that controls power to the bluetooth module?. Just keen on killing the power to it for the time being until I source a replacement.
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    RNSE Draining car battery?

    Thanks for the reply craig. Any idea if this AUDI A3 INTERFACE BOX FOR HANDSFREE 8P0862335S 04-2009 | eBay would be ok. Is it just a simple case of unplug old one, insert new or will it need coding?
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    RNSE Draining car battery?

    Hi all, looking for an electrical/RNSE expert please! I currently own a 8P S3 which I have had for last 4 years. The car as standard came with RNSE/Bluetooth/Steering wheel controls. The problems started approx 3 weeks ago after 4 years faultless service from the car. Initially the RNSE...
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    Ipod Wireless Link to RNSE

    Hi guys, just thought i would post about my little mod to my S3 so the info is on the forum should anyone like to try it. For a while now i have been looking into connecting my Ipod Touch to the RNSE in my car, problem was i didnt want any wires showing so looked into wireless connection...
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    List all the cars you have owned so far

    Here goes 1991-1993 - Truimph Spitfire (very cool first car) 1993-1997 - mk 1 Ford Fiesta Popular Plus (University years) 1997-1999 - Peugeot 205 GTI(first fun car) 1999-2003 - Toyota Celica vvtli 190(most reliable motor ever!) 2003-2005 - Vw Polo 1.0l(bought a house so skint for a couple of...
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    Bluetooth Ipod transmitter for rns-e?

    Hi Guys I have been looking at getting a bluetooth transmitter for my ipod to use with my home a/v equipment. This got me thinking that since your recieve audio from a mobile phone via BT on RNSE which then plays through the stereo, could you BT music into it as well from an Ipod with a BT...
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    Regal Rolling Road day

    Thanks for doing the leg work and organising this Jamie. On holiday unfortunately so will have to give it a miss:sorry: JD
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    Time for a whip around, group buy?

    All true - no burner on it. Have 45 mins flight time in one of these from being an air cadet years ago. Great fun!!:happy:
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    Rolling Road Day - Southern

    Updated List 1. Oli.H - S3 8P 2. Oli.H mate - GTi 3. Oli.H mate - GTi Edition 30 4. jamiekip - S3 8P - GIAC 5. S3-Nick - S3 8P 6. billybuds -S3 8P (Depending if anyone comes and picks up my bluefin I am returning, I would be interested in GIAC!!) 7. staz - depends what date 8. deckedS3 - GTi...