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    What does this mean ? audi zentrum ingolstadt

    This was the A4 with them on...
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    What does this mean ? audi zentrum ingolstadt

    I've got the Audi Ingolstadt ones on my Golf - transferred from the A4 (not got round to getting any VeeDub ones yet...). Look a bit odd but they do the job fine!
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    2.7T buying advice

    Cheers Nora, I've actually walked away from the one I was looking at - apart from anyhting else, it didn't seem to pull all that well (unless I was expecting too much of it!). I took a mechanic mate with me to have a look round it and scan for any diagnostic fault codes. Thankfully, there were...
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    2.7T buying advice

    Cheers Fox, I think I've escaped that one - no towbar as far as I know...
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    2.7T buying advice

    I'm sure there was something about the exhaust manis cracking but it was only on earlier models so might not even apply to the 2.7 engined A6s! If you've not heard/read owt, it's probably unlikely.
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    2.7T buying advice

    Cheers Slug, good to know there doesn't appear to be too much to check! I was wondering if these suffered from the same problems as the B5 S4s with the manifolds (with being the same engine etc.)?
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    2.7T buying advice

    As per the title - I was wondering if anyone had any advice as I'm looking at upgrading to a '99 A6 2.7T Quatty (manual 'box). I've been through the forum but can't see anything specific. I've spotted one with 120K on the clock that's already had the belt/tensionsers/pump changed at 95K but is...
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    S1, any thoughts?
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    New A4 Track Car Owners -

    :sign_welcome: to the B5 club lol. IIRC, that was Craig @ TopGear in Stockport's car (AKA billybravo on here)?
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    A8/S8 wheels - Will they fit a B5?

    My bad, didn't realise they were 16s - although I did think they looked a bit puny :sorry:
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    A8/S8 wheels - Will they fit a B5?

    There's some on ebay for £300 at the mo - I posted a link to them in the ebay finds thread...
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    new record!

    Not round here they're not Mark - I had a nice set of metal ones, they lasted two days and got nicked. Put black platic ones on, after just less than a week, they were nicked. I refuse to keep the little turds in dust caps so I don't have any at all on now. Doesn't help having a skate park with...
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    Fuel Prices

    I find this site a handy little tool... You might have to sign up to get results for exact locations but that's no biggy.
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    Car Park Noobs

    Along the same lines, there was a Bentley Continental parked in a disabled bay (no disabled badge, obviously) at the local Asda the other week - talk about being out of place...
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    North Wales/North West Meet

    Anyone else thinking of going to the Wiggin Tree meet tomorrow night? Assuming I've got the date right! :think: