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Dec 29, 2020
Sep 4, 2003
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Solihull, Midlands

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Looking for Boost!, Male, from Solihull, Midlands

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Dec 29, 2020
    1. Jojo74
      I have just registered, my nickname is Jojo lol! I do hope you don't mind me messaging you!
      1. jojo likes this.
    2. shikongo michael
      shikongo michael
      I have a problem with my audi a4 2.4 v6, the numbers on the dashboard like n p d 1 2 3 4, ur showing red on the dashboard and when I put I gears like drive or reverse, the car is riddle. what might be the problem.
      1. jojo
        Jul 6, 2017
    3. NIKO51
      Hi jojo, hope you don't mind me contacting you but I notice you have had the 19 BBS LMs on the car. I'm looking at a set of Rial Daytonas 19", ET35, 8.5j. I'm just wondering if they will rub at all or will fit ok? Hope you can help, thanks.
      1. shikongo michael likes this.
      2. jojo
        Hi, where have you seen my car with 19" LMs on? 18" perhaps?

        Anyways, 19x8.5 ET35 will fit no problem, unless the wheels have a huge dish, then you need to make sure it clears your brake calipers up front. The 9.5js LM reps I ran required 28mm spacing to clear the brakes up front.
        Jun 11, 2017
        Kasra likes this.
      3. NIKO51
        Hi jojo, thought I saw it on the post a pic thread but may have been jay1, apologies! Thanks for the info, much appreciated.
        Jun 12, 2017
    4. graham d'arcy
      graham d'arcy
      hi mate, hope u can help, I just got a 1999 A3 1.8t quattro, its very clean for the year and perfect mechanically, I only want to remap it, but im told i need to probably upgrade the clutch if I do.. so I was looking at the g60 vr6 set up, only problem is everything I am reading for this set up is front wheel drive, and no idea if it is the same set up as the quattro and it will fit, engine code ajq
      1. jojo
        Mar 10, 2017
    5. Zman6000
      Hi there I know I'm in the wrong area but I'm stumped how to start a new thread on this site??? My Audi A3 Quattro 1.8t 180bhp is failing the emissions on lambda sensor which I have changed and the problem is still the same??? The idle seems to miss a beat here and there but drives and boosts fine? Any ideas? Cheers
      1. jojo
        Apr 18, 2016
    6. Paul Farrington
      Paul Farrington
    7. Jxly
      Need some help finding parts for my A3, seems you know a lot and I can't find anything online. Just joined here to speak to you but I think I'll stick around.
      1. jojo
        Hi, what year/shape A3 do you have? Don't be afraid to ask questions directly on the main forum pages. Wanted posts in general are not allowed, but there is a dedicated for sale/wanted thread at the top of the model specific forums.
        Jan 31, 2016
    8. louis919
      I found you finally, jojo.
      1. jojo likes this.
    9. A3DY
      Alright mate I seen you use vagcom any change you could turn my ambers on like the U.S. Spec and how much you want to do it a38p
      1. jojo
        Sorry mate, I'm too busy these days to help members with vagcom, and setting up the US spec ambers is not something I know how to do.
        Jul 6, 2015
    10. willh92
      Hi Jo,
      Noticed on your latest Facebook post in the s3 owners group you're back on black wing mirrors! Wondering if your chrome ones will be for sale and if so how much?!


      1. jojo
        I had 2 sets, sold them already.
        Sep 28, 2014
    11. Thomas Doyle
      Thomas Doyle
      Hi JoJo Bill Dee said that you might have a set of brembos for sale, im near Dublin in Ireland and was wondering if they are available and how much,also is there a lot to fitting them, is it major work?
    12. S3 JOHN
      S3 JOHN
      Cheers mate no need for that all i was trying to do was help people out with not paying £250+
      What was the reason for locking down the thread ?
    13. S3SYD
      you locked my thread
      why not just move it?
    14. Wes G
      Wes G
      Hi Jo, Just after a bit of advice please mate, want to upload some pics on the site but not having any luck...how do I do it?

    15. 16Klappe
      Awesome Sig Jo!
    16. 1animal1
      jo, you've locked the F1 thread mate ;)
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    Solihull, Midlands
    None of your Business haha

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    89' VW Mk2 Golf GTI 16v(KR) - Royal Blue
    99' Audi S3(APY) - Brilliant Black
    1999-2014 - RIP:Final Moments :tired:
    00' Audi S3(APY) - Ebony Black - Killed by Gops! :astonished:
    00' Audi S3(xxx) - Tipex Express/Project Slow3 :triumph:
    12' C7 Audi A6 Avant 3.0 BiTdi! :)

    Click>>>Going Sideways vid! :racer:You've got to have a laugh! :tearsofjoy:
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