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    3.2 Quattro Flywheel

    Give the stealer a shout and get the proper part number for it. Then check the motor factors. However, I would seriously consider a single conversion as the dual masses' are chyte. I wish i had listened last year as mine is starting to judder after 12 months and 3k
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    Pressure washer reccomendations please......

    Used to have a bosch aquatec which was brilliant until it packed up.Powerful and had a decent rubber hose that would recoil inside the machine. Gutted that its not made anymore so had to deal with the devil and got a karcher k4.What a sack of, has a cheap plastic hose that kinks and flips...
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    What do you use to remove dreaded bird droppings from your pride and joy?

    Wet paper towel and a careful wipe with a mfc.Have used supagard bird lime foam which is ok (only product from them that is). If its stained, then as soon as poss blow the stain with a hot air gun and 9 times out of ten watch it vanish.
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    Cleaning chrome window trim

    Always found autosol does the biz, but previous chaps are probably right....crap wheel acid or tfr from the sandwash guys. However, Im pretty sure that the chrome trims are made of plastic chrome covered in clear plastic and if any water etc gets inbetween these layers it corrodes
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    Looks like the A4 is due a major facelift next year.. thoughts?

    Perhaps the three year olds are involved in the design of this, Think this was passed to the more experienced 7 year olds
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    Looks like the A4 is due a major facelift next year.. thoughts?

    YAY!! Been waiting years for Audi to update the 4 in a massive hope that they dump that stupid halfords bolt on dash screen! Im going to have to put up with the awful touch screen crap (have fingers like cows tits and prefer buttons) as all makers are using this tech.Hopefully they will have...
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    Caked in tar

    Whatever you use make sure you dab it on and off. Dont rub or wipe as the spot can carry grit with it, or if not fully dissolved its still enough to scratch.
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    Dimming Wing Mirror

    Good luck finding one at a good price...I have a B8 and the pass mirror was £186, and the drivers £230 at cost!! Best take off the suspect mirror just to see if it is a non dimmer. I managed to get the drivers glass as a used off german ebay for £60 which was a massive result
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    Correct 19" Wheel/tyre offset

    lol. Sounds like too much grief!!!
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    Location of key reciever needed

    Very kind thank you
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    Location of key reciever needed

    Evening peoples I need to know where the above is located please, as the range of my keys seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Have changed the batteries a few times, and both keys are suffering. Many thanks
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    Correct 19" Wheel/tyre offset

    Those are my fave alloys of all time. I had no idea that the centre bore was different.
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    Avant rear screen demister

    I take it that the inside of the screen is very clean...when i havent cleaned mine for a while it too takes a long time to demist