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    Facelift Remap?

    Thanks I'll take some time to consider my options
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    Facelift Remap?

    Thanks they look very interesting, the performance is a little higher on nm than the remapping option, price is just a little more but not an issue, apart from being able to remove it ( and needing to before any work is carried out are there any distinct benefits from using a box?
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    Facelift Finally my replacement has arrived !!

    I love the grey never looks grotty like the white or black ( my A3 ) do
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    Facelift Remap?

    Ive just picked up a low mileage A3 Sportback 1600 Tdi 110 s tronic. My last motor ( Passat wagon 2.0 tdi )had a remap from 140 to about 170 bhp. Now I'm considering a remap for this one stage 1 to about 140 bhp and 310 nm , has anyone on here done this? And is it worth getting the box mapped...
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    Facelift Would you leave your Air Filter until 57000 miles?

    Deffo no I would not, just picked up a low mileage A3 sportback 1600 tai e tronic tech pack 17 model, I'd be surprised is it's not changed every 18 months max :)