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    Gang tried to car-jack my S3 today!

    They wouldn't dare do this in the middle East they would have their hands chopped off and I agree entirely with that is one deterrent this country is too soft on scumbags like these
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    All new S3

    Love the colour
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    New S3 ordered

    Great city been a few times caught the heatwave July 2019
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    2019 S3 Tyre choice

    2019 fl s3 came with hankooks
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    2018 S3 Issues

    I have ghost fitted it does not affect stop start on 2019 plate.
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    Facelift So long, farewell..

    Love the colour
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    Ramair vs K&N filter ?

    Had them all over the years cone panel you name it loads of induction noise but no performance gain:blackrs4:
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    New Member - Vegas Yellow S3 Saloon Black Edition

    Have seen these two cars they are near me
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    New S3 pictures

    I do like the looks of the exterior in the s3 but unfortunately the interior is second rate will keep hold of my 19 plate for a while
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    New Shape S3

    To be quite honest I do like the looks from the outside but the interior let's it down.would not swap it for my 19 plate facelift sportback.
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    S3 going next month, hello 330e Touring..

    Is that 700 nm of torque
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    Hi,paid 650 for the above but also got wheels coated inside and out plus glass coatings.that was in oldham.