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  • Your car with black rims will look sick my friend! My neighbour is having black S3 with black rims and it's amazing.
    You must buy Lamin-X Lamin-X.co.uk Shop • Buy Yellow tinted Headlight,fog lamp protection film for foglights and you're car will be transformed ;)
    You will pay me thru paypal and when all the money is on my account i will ammediately send you the package!!!
    YeAh Greece,i love it! One day i want to come to Greece,my friend is staying there at the moment on the student exchange.

    Cheer mate
    My car is black,cant imagine it with the black rims but i am thinking take yours finally.If i get them you will post them with the tyres on the rims ,right?our deal will be through ebay or something else?surely it will be through paypal
    whats the best we could do?1160 i convert it in euros.What about as 1050 as final offer ?Can we agree?
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