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    S4 Machine Polish

    £160, as said is extremely cheap. We just conducted a 2 stage correction on a B8 S4 and the products alone the customer requested almost came to £150. My words of advice.... generally, you get what you pay for! Out of interest where are you located?
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    New B7 A4 owner - East Anglia

    welcome to the forum
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    yes the avant and saloon are the same fitment, 2WD and Quattro are different fitments though.
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    Newbie with 1st Audi. A4 avant.

    welcome to the forum
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    Scotty Dugg's Photography

    Very nice photography.
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    New Member

    welcome to the forum, have you got any pics?
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    New b7 avant s line owner (pics)

    welcome to the forum.
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    My Daily Workhorse B7 Oil Burner

    Ah...Just realised that's not your car!!!
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    My Daily Workhorse B7 Oil Burner

    Where's the RS4 grill gone?
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    new lad from kings lynn

    Welcome to the forum, I'm local to you, Marham, I will gladly help you out VCDS wise. PM me to arrange a time and date. James.
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    Thoughts on these avants.

    The chains last, however the guides wear and fall apart, this is very well documented.
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    Sootpig's A3 track/drag car

    As above your electrical skills are top notch, nice progress.
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    Audi A3 S-Line 05 reg - issues with Turbo

    Are the turbos genuine items or cheaper alternatives?
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    Second time around.. this time with c6 s6

    welcome, get some pictures up!