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    My new C5 S6 Avant - V8 family car

    Looks like there was just enough meat left on the bone there.
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    Kneller's 1.9 Avant Sport project thread

    Which head unit did you fit, and was it plug and go? Also are you bose, or not?
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    b6 pd130 front mount ?

    That's not too bad for the price though if it comes with the connector to fit into the plastic pipe. You could get a pipe made up pretty cheap to replace the top plastic pipe too.
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    b6 pd130 front mount ?

    So is this a direct fit kit then, or does it need fabrication?
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    Darkside Side Mount Intercooler

    If you manage to fit it, but have to remove the standard ducts, you will have to make some or it will be less efficient than the standard ic. That was the mistake a lot of people made when fitting them to the Mk4, they just stuck the ic on the with no ducting, so all the cold air would just fly...
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    My new A4 Avant- The road to perfection!? Help?

    I've now seen and heard a lot of good reviews about the wings from them, so I'm going to give them a go once the last frost has passed. I didn't have any wing rot until some kind soul decided to drive into my car in a car park and crumple my wing. The other side just has stone chips on the front...
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    Darkside Side Mount Intercooler

    I had one of these on my Bora. They are massive, and I'm pretty sure the inlet/outlet are in the wrong place for the A4, which is why I didn't keep it to fit to mine.
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    Don't know how the dealers sleep at night....

    Dipstick tube literally just clips on, and I think they're about £8
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    Speaker swap is it worth the time

    I think I've read it's a case of changing every speaker, HU, amp, and all the looms mate.
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    My new C5 S6 Avant - V8 family car

    The rack looked like a nightmare of a job. Imagine having to pay garage labour on top of the cost of the rack.
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    Mine doesn't have one, but a couple I went looking at before buying mine did have one.
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    A4 b6 1.9tdi

    It sounds like it could be the common issue of the wires going into the door inside the rubber boot being cracked/snapped. They control the interior lights when opening that door, central locking from the key (possibly the remote being the main door), electric window, and the speakers in that door.
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    concert 2 din code

    Mine just came up on the code input screen when I turned on for the first time after installation. If it is the same as mine (pictured below) I will get the manual out and have a look for you. '][/URL]
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Mk2 S3 if I remember correctly.
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    What have you done to your A4 b6 today?

    Straight swap mate '][/URL]