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    Mirror Glass

    I was reading this thread a few weeks back. Yesterday heard glass breaking and found this - what a load of **** these Audi mirrors are: Ordered one from Amazon for £23. Glad I don't have anti-dazzle - those look expensive!
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    Bitdi to S6

    I thought the new S6 was diesel with fake exhaust/tips and no petrol option ? Would rather buy an A6 with the 3lt tfsi engine which pushes out the same hp as the S6 - albeit without the fancy bells and whistles! Having owned my BiTDi for a couple years now - I'm starting to miss the sound of a...
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    Rear washer nozzle - not blocked anymore but...

    Don't bother trying to unblock, waste of time. Buy a new one through the forums parts request - Crewe Audi sent me one for £8 inc postage. They come pre-aligned - once you start messing around with the jets you can never get them spot on again!
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    Next small mod ideas

    Whatever you do, don't hydro dip the mirrors with a pattern - especially carbon fibre! It doesn't look right as the pattern distorts. Hydro dipping should be for flat surfaces only.
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    Dreaded dpf warning light

    I get this every so often. Even more so with the adblue system. Just give it a blast down an A road in sport - the light will go off once regen has completed. This fault pops up when a regen has been stopped part way through several times.
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    S6 Tyres

    That seems way too cheap, sure they haven't quoted you for 19s ? cheapest I've found here for 20s is £181 fitted! Where are you based - may be worth a trip if I can save £160! :tearsofjoy:
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    2.0 TFSI - Stuttering / hesitating - no errors

    Thanks - had a similar issue with an older A3. Was the the camshaft position sensor - but that one threw an error. Will check DV first as I have a spare!
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    2.0 TFSI - Stuttering / hesitating - no errors

    2011 A3 2.0 TFSI with 60k on the clock. Recently towed to Audi after losing all power. Coil pack replaced. Car has been ok the past 100 miles, but has now developed a hesitation when you apply power (2000rpm and above). Happens throughout the gears - feels like you're driving over rumble...
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    Any audi specalists on here to help please

    It looks like energy management is active - this will disable modules one by one. Energy management is activated when the system detects a flat/failing battery. When the battery was replaced, was it coded to the car? If not, the system will keep on charging the new battery at the old battery...
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    A6 handling

    When I first bought my A6 it handled perfectly - but over the past year I've noticed cornering can get a little sketchy at times. Very twitchy if pushed. Two things to look into - first one being your tracking. This will help. Four wheel is what you need. Second is tyres - I haven't had...
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    Vibration through steering 60/70mph

    Well there you go - at least it should be a simple fix. Either a balancing problem, buckle or a flat spot. All of which a decent tyre fitter should be able to diagnose.
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    Vibration through steering 60/70mph

    Did this start after front shocks/arms ? I would swap front wheels to back and backs to front. If you still have the vibration through steering it may be suspension/shaft related - if you feel it through the seat you have a problem with an alloy.
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    Vibration through steering 60/70mph

    As above, have the wheels balanced and check for buckles at the same time. Usually a vibration through the steering is front end, vibration through your seat is back end. Hit any road craters recently ? Worn tyres ?
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    Audi extended warranty - worth it or not?

    Same as you.....but I didn't take out the extended warranty. Having said that, Audi did cover the crankshaft parts and I had to pay for labour which was still over £500. My partner has just bought a new Nissan Juke - she had the option to extended the warranty by an extra 2 years. I forced her...
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    A6 Avant Water lying on sill of drivers side door

    Yep one of the easiest I've taken off! 3 screws. One under the door pull. The other two are hidden behind trim (trim around the door handle which pulls off). Then one under the door pull (again just pulls off). The card then pulls off - start from the bottom and work your way around. Edit: this...