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    My A3 s line

    Nice colour :yes:
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    See if you are affected by the emissions scandal...

    Two of my friends own Golfs, both used VW vin checker via the website to see if they were effected, both came back all clear, 3 days later they received letters for recall, even the website don't tell the truth lol
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    Why do people do this?

    Just the one door
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    Why do people do this?

    No mate we all keep ourselves to ourselves, well up until now, lets hope its a one off
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    Why do people do this?

    Lincolnshire, my concern is having it repaired and it being done again, I live in a dead end street so its just normally people who live there walking up and down, no damage to other cars just mine
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    Why do people do this?

    Deep and no doubt expensive
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    Superchips bluefin ea888 engine

    Bluefin.....When you plug it in and all your dash lights start flashing then you can poo yourself like I did lol, scarey but worth it, you will never look back once you start remapping
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    A3tdi sportback completely dead

    I had this with my after market unit, mine wasnt an Alpine, unit turned out to be faulty and was replaced, solved the problem, I didnt notice the issue straight away due to not leaving the car stood long, it took a few days stood for mine to struggle to start, very low drain from the head unit
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    Speaker Issues (A3 2.0T 3DR)

    I bet lol, can I ask what year car?
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    Speaker Issues (A3 2.0T 3DR)

    Ah ok, I had a Concert II in mine till I changed it for after market, mine is also bose, as you say its only on bumps and rough road its pointing towards a lose connection, trying to find it will be a pain, I am no expert but i would try the path of elimination, disconnect certain things to see...
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    Speaker Issues (A3 2.0T 3DR)

    I guess its Bose? with boot amp?
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    Speaker Issues (A3 2.0T 3DR)

    What model head unit is it?
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    Are you an active Yorkshire/Humber Member?

    I guess I wont be going to many meets if our cars have to be up to scratch lol, I like my car but it is not my pride and joy so therefore it is not an up to scratch example, I may feel intimidated by the gleeming examples others may bring to meets :audibash:
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    Newbie with an a3 2.0TFSI Quattro

    Oh dear, another victim for the Dark side :keule: welcome to the forum mate, yes we will gladly spend your money for you here, I have a bluefin map on mine which is fairly aggressive which does put a smile on my face, it never bores me lol