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    Big Quattro grill badge

    I really like those big Quattro grill badges fitted to the new Rs6 and 7. i wonder if anyone with a 3d printer could knock these out?
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    Heads Up

    My car is totally stock but Audi want to me to take the car in to read the ECU (s). Apparently they need to plug in and upload a file to Audi to determine if it needs re programming for an upgrade. its in on Thursday l so I'll let you know what they say.
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    Carat dealers today for updates.

    Cheers for the info. Will get the dealers to check again.
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    Carat dealers today for updates.

    no offer of replacement brake. i guess different serial numbers qualify for different fixes.
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    Carat dealers today for updates.

    Hi gang. Car in today and had the following warranty work done. 1. s/w update for Haldex controller. No info on what the update addresses. 2 vacuum line repositioned in C pillar for exhaust flap actuater - stopped rattling on start up. 3 brake check - remove and replace pads along with full...
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    Space saver for the rs3?

    I have an S3 one in the boot. had to modify the foam insert but it fits fine. didnt want to right off a tyre with foam from a simple repairable puncture.
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    Michelin Pilot Super Sports taking the RS3 from great to truly gripping

    so will 235 fit on the rears ok? need a bit more wheel tin protection.
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    Haldex update.

    Hi gang. Got a call from the dealers today to advise of a software update for the Haldex controller. Booked in for tomorrow - will advise if there are any detectable differences. Also, a check of vacuum lines in the C pillar area is mentioned relating to the exhaust flap / actuator rattling...
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    Major fault

    That's a couple that have blown after having work done at a dealer. I wonder if the technicians are doing a launch control during test drives? the ECU would log when the last launch control was done. interesting to know.
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    custom oval exhaust on rs3 both sides anyone making them?

    had an RS2 for 11 years. wholeheartedly agree.
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    Bose Pack

    Spend your money on some decent hifi gear for home.
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    Lets do launch - testing a Go Pro Hero 3 camera

    No probs. suction cup / arm was the first accessory I bought for the GoPro.
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    Lets do launch - testing a Go Pro Hero 3 camera

    Hi gang I was a bit bored the other day and used my Hero 2 and iMovie to do this: Audi RS3 - YouTube
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    Oil and coolant required.

    Hi all. I have to say the car has been faultless to date. Thanks for the replies / info on the coolant & oil. i will naturally be keeping a closer eye on them. At service time I will mention that they were low and needed topping up. Brakes - a slight squeak sometimes but not a "problem"...
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    Unburned fuel a problem? Anyone else had this?

    With the Sport button on and is S mode, there is some fuel added to the exhaust for the "bark" when gear changing.