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    Have audi changed the rear lights on late 2015 onwards A3s?

    Thanks, I did wonder if it might just be the standard halogen light configuration - I think the much smaller, harder to see indicator lights at the rear are pretty rubbish to be honest!
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    Have audi changed the rear lights on late 2015 onwards A3s?

    Hi All, I keep seeing 65 and 16 plate A3s that seem to have (in my opinion) a much worse rear light configuration - instead of the large, very visible, long indicator strip I have on my 64 plate there is instead a really small, short indicator strip that isn't as visible when indicating. I...
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    Anti theft recommendations

    Something like this? (althogh you do need to be in the car to set this one off ;-) )
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    How to retune DAB radio?

    Thanks for confirming!
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    How to retune DAB radio?

    As per the subject, does anyone know how to do this? I couldn't find anything obvious when looking through the menus myself and didn't see anything when reading through the MMI menu. I want to retune due to the recent UK DAB upgrade where new stations were added and some existing were moved -...
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    8V VCDS Mods

    Thanks, that's what I thought, he is completely adamant that it's been enabled through VCDS... !
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    8V VCDS Mods

    A little OT but wondered if any of you VCDS experts might know - a friend of friend has a Diesel non Quattro A7 and using VCDS says they were able to enable AWD - is this possible? (I did some googling but couldn't see any reference to anyone having done this before - are all the physical bits...
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    Show us Scuba Blue

    Here's mine in the sun.....
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    1.4 or 1.4 COD

    Did a 90 mile round trip yesterday in mine, around 40% motorway, the rest made up of windy country roads and town traffic. DIS indicated 49.8 mpg. I was not driving slowly. (1.4 COD). In pure town driving it varies depending on the amount of start stop between around 30 mpg and 45 mpg. Long...
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    1.4 TFSI COD

    This is what ACC is for - I used to find the same issue with Cruise Control on my previous car - now I have ACC it makes life so much easier and works great in heavy traffic conditions.
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    Sport or SLine

    In a perfect world I'd love the exterior of my car to have all the bells and whistles so that when it's sitting on my drive I get to look at how lovely it looks, but in the real world when it comes down to having say a more powerful engine, more optional features like ACC etc for the same or...
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    1.4tfsi 150 COD or 2.0 tdi 150?

    From what I recall, in mainland European countries like France the governments have said they are going to be gradually raising the taxes on diesel and have said that it was mistake to promote its use over petrol so the price difference on the continent may be looking more like here in the UK in...
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    1.4tfsi 150 COD or 2.0 tdi 150?

    And power, and torque!
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    Slow throttle response

    I just pop mine into S mode using the drive select stick (not the button) when I want it to be more responsive at junctions...
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    Hot Stuff! Literally just a minute down the road from the new Audi dealership in Swindon!