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    Dynamic turn signal errors - coding out?

    I got some aftermarket dynamic side turn signals for my B8 last year and the left one always throws an error for electrical error in circuit. Loads of people have them and say they're error free so thought I might have a duff set. Ordered another and now both sides are giving errors. The...
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    Brake Upgrade???

    Sorry to bump an old thread but there's some 320mm Q5 Brembos for sale near me and the temptation is strong. I have 1LA brakes so the Q5 calipers should be a straight bolt on from what i've read, obviously they look a lot nicer than the B8 3.0 TDI calipers, but would there be any performance...
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    Advance key door handles not working.

    I got some cheap ones, and some Audi ones which had a different letter at the end, neither worked. I had to get the totally correct part no from Audi in the end which was expensive but they worked immediately. I think some earlier cars are very particular about the part no for these.
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    ABS/ESP/parking brake issues :-(

    I'm having a bit of a nightmare with my 2007 A5 at the moment . In January I started getting a random ESP/ABS light - it went in for a checkup and the tech diagnosed it as a faulty ABS module. We took the ABS module out and sent it off the ECU Testing, but they bench tested it and said it was...
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    AMI Issue - MMi 2G High A5 2007

    If it does turn out to be the amp in the boot, there's a place in edinburgh fixes them which is potentially a much cheaper/reliable route
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    Boot lip spoiler

    It's a good fit mate yeah, did it myself with 3m tape. Hated it when I first put it on and thought about removing it but love it now
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    Boot lip spoiler

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    Boot lip spoiler

    There's a guy on eBay does the BE+ spoilers, search for A5 competition spoiler...
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    I've had a traction control fault for ages with random abs, suspension sensor, parking brake and wheel sensor faults popping up too. Was in with a VAG specialist for a few days and they eventually diagnosed a faulty ABS module, not viable to replace it so sending it away to ECU Testing this...
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    Sold Audi 2008 TTS, low miles FSH
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    Sold Audi 2008 TTS, low miles FSH

    Beautiful car...TTS have been catching my eye recently
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    A5 Black Edition - Progress Thread

    Did the stainless pedals come on the car mate? I fitted some to mine but the spacing is a bit weird - because the dead pedal is a lot wider, to get your foot on the clutch it has to go over to the right a lot, and then your right foot can't go totally on the brake used to it after a...
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    Advanced key issues - open circuit/short circuit to B+

    That's really helpful, thanks. I reckon the battery is OK - doesn't seem to be any other issues related to low battery, and didn't get a low battery warning through OBDeleven which I think checks that out. Might disconnect the door pin connector and do a quick sense check but this is probably...
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    Advanced key issues - open circuit/short circuit to B+

    Took the sensors back out and cleaned them with contact cleaner, had no error code for a bit after this but it seemed to stop working again after trying the passenger side - there's an exposed wire there - reckon it could be this? IMG_20181228_155720 by wjheenan, on Flickr
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    Advanced key issues - open circuit/short circuit to B+

    I've got a 2007 A5 - when I got it the advanced key wasn't working. The boot would open when the car was locked but the doors wouldn't respond. I had error codes for both handles and 03287 - exterior door handle touch sensors, open circuit/short circuit to B+ I replaced the sensors but still...