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    Oil change

    Couple of points aren't strictly true. You can change some of the oil yourself very easily, wont be a full flush of the torque convertor, but approx 5 litres in the sump. The gearbox is a ZF 6 speed auto and there are plenty of fluids that meet ZF specs that aren't Audi branded. Derivatives of...
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    My A6 3.0TDi Avant bit of a rebuild and repair thread.

    Ah ok fair enough, i remmember pulling my hair out with similar situation on passat, only to find a how to guide, showed cutting bolt and replaceing the other way round. Wondered if it was similar problem.
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    My A6 3.0TDi Avant bit of a rebuild and repair thread.

    With regards to the bolt in the picture is it not possible to cut the head off with "cold" cutting method, given proximity to tank. Hacksaw or sawsall? Then drift out remaining part of bolt. Then install bolt the other way around on re-assembly, so that nut is in the area with resticted space...
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    Mpg advice on what tdi engine

    Ive got a 3.0TDI v6 allroad of 2007 vintage. If im very light footed i can only just about get 40, that is sat at 75ish on motorway. Creeps up a little if doing 60 on B roads that arent stop start with traffic. Id say under my normal driving style i get 30-35 but i do tend to drive quickly...
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    Looking to get a 3.0tdi Le Mans avant

    I have the 2007 A6 allropad with 6 speed tiptronic & 3.0tdi, this was my first auto box. Also have an 170 ps A3 with 6 speed manual. I drive both cars regulalry and never wish i was driving the manual. In S mode the box is genuinely decent and shifts quickly and smoothly. If you are really...
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    A6 Tiptronic oil change

    Brief and rather embarrassing update, so car went into Tetbury Audi and after half a day was called saying it was fixed. There was a heat shield (near passenger side front drive-shaft) that was clattering about. In my laziness I didn't bother to get under the car as it was under warranty, also...
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    Badge Tuning?

    Kinda pointless, id much sooner de-badge than stick ones on. Ive always been puzzled by the chrome badges on sale in halfords. Its possible to have a 24V V8 GTI RS SPORT and ive seen people who have done it. Saying that S-line badge is allot less annoying the V8 16V GTI corsa. People that...
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    A6 Tiptronic oil change

    Was in audi today, technician came out with me for a ride and was at a loss as to what the issue was. Said that the tiptronic box's give very little issues. So it's going in next week so they can have a proper look. Very interested to get to bottom of this. Wonder if I'll need my gearbox...
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    Wind resonating

    This isnt an A6 specific problem, practically all cars do this.
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    severe lack of members ?

    I came from the uk passat forum which was well and truly buzzing when compared to the A6 (C6) section
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    A6 Tiptronic oil change

    Ok so I'm holding fire on the oil change, I bought the car from audi and it's still got 10 months warranty. I originally wanted to drop oil as gearbox was noisey when changing down in S mode from 3rd - 2nd and from 2nd - 1st. It makes the same noise although worse when I change down using...
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    Audi A6L Pickup Truck in China

    Whilst i appreciate the effort and enthusiasm, the workmanship is awful. Picture 1 and 13 on the source show some pretty shoddy workmanship. Looks like plenty of pop rivets and filler were used. Oh and could have cleaned the engine bay on a "show car".
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    A6 Tiptronic oil change

    Spoke with friendly parts guy today at Audi, informed me that the ATF fluid part number is G060162A2, which is the same as ZF lifeguard 8. Audi are after £34,00 a litre and it needs approx 5-6.
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    A6 Tiptronic oil change

    Looking into changing the ATF fluid in my Allroad.I have the ASB engine (3.0 TDI V6) and JMQ gearbox (variant of 09L). Does anyone know the VAG part number for the ATF fluid, sump gasket and the filter?? Looks pretty straight forward to do, anyone done this yet and noticed any improvement?