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Sep 7, 2020
Jan 9, 2011
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Sep 7, 2020
    1. adamss24
      Hi there, seen you after a full leather interior, i am breaking a 1.8T avant with full grey leather interior, check the classifieds as i have just listed it a few min. ago. All going cheap mate and open to offers ! Cheers,
      Chris- 07789912128
    2. s4jordan
      Hi Steve.

      These are 18" NOT 17" and hence extremely rare, especially in a set of 5

      Know someone who spent ages looking for a set of 4 and paid £395 NO Tyres and then spent £250 haveing them refrubed before he puts tyres on - so 645 before delivery and tyres and then only for 4.

      Why didn't he buy mine, well they were n't for sale at the time, though he is interested in buying the Winter `17" tyres for £350.

      Hence considering condition, cost and rarity, think these are very well priced.

      These might only appeal to a small market and mainly those who want to keep the S4 look but just make it look a bit more "tinka Toy" rather than sticking RS or BBS multispoke wheels which then give the impression they are trying to be a RS4 etc.

      Which kind of misses the point about a S series Audi - hence the price.

      They are STUNNING, nearly new tyres and more importanly 18".
    3. foursprungdugtechnique
      Hi Steve, how much were you thinking for the rear motor and arm? Got quite a few things to fix on mine, rear bushes, broken rear spring(s), doing both, one broken on bottom coil, alarm going off probably due to the same reason the interior light flickers and the hatch open warning light on dash flashes on randomly while driving. And front flexible brake pipes, brake fluid change at the same time, also need to look at the fuel pipe join under the bulkhead, it's a bit damp. Also would like to solve the boost problem the car has, bought a boost leak tester on eBay to pressurise the inlet manifold and pipes. More overtime I think!! Seems never ending just now. Had a look at the new A7 last week.... Can always dream eh??

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    03MY 52 1.9 TDi 130PS Quattro Sport Avant - 170bhp remap, Mk2 RNS-E+OEM bluetooth, B7 wiper arms/blades, 4300K HID+nightbreakers/LED sidelights, rear tints, new lights all round, new front/rear screens, frt armrest, s-line kit, cruise/DIS, B7 gearknob/aluminium trims, parking sensors, black grilles, RS4 RARB, S4 front end, grey 18" RS6 alloys, RS4 full electric comfort Recaro's, Bilstein/Eibachs, 312mm brake conversion.

    Still waiting.....:racer: S4 rear bumper, exhaust tips, :crying:
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