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    I had a similar discussion when mine failed at 18k miles in 2019. Car bought from new and always serviced at same dealership etc. I argued that it was a regularly reported issue on forums and I would not expect that sort of failure on a well maintained car. They did go to Audi UK who refuted...
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    All new S3

    I’ve been considering the new S3, however there are 2 things currently stopping me........(1) COVID - no intention of buying a new car until this is all over, (2) Waiting for the Vorsprung version. I certainly intend to be doing this in person in my dealership etc........the schmoozing and free...
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    25% service plan discount

    Have you asked specifically about the discount? When I was offered this, I was told that there were a finite number available from Audi.
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    25% service plan discount

    I went for this for my 64 plate. Next oil change due at end of Feb and major service a year later. £374.16 seemed reasonable to me.
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    MOT day and looking at the mileage since last year my New Years resolution is to go on some epic trips in 2021. Unfortunately not driven much this year due to lockdown and working from home etc. Had her since new and as you can see, low mileage for 6 years old........ still like a new car :-)
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    All new S3

    Waiting for the Vorsprung to be added.
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    New Shape S3

    Couldn’t see a thread on this. Audi have officially launched the new S3. Orders from 13/8 The limited edition Tango Red saloon looks lovely :-)
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    Covid 19 and car sitting idle

    Fast idle never enough really. Suspect many people will be having these types of issues. If a drip charger hasn’t been used, the battery will not have received enough charge to keep it healthy. Aside from the battery issues, cars need to be driven every few weeks to avoid problems with brakes...
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    If you go to Audi, it will cost you between £750 to £1000. My 64 plate had the issue at Christmas. Had the car since new and 20k on the clock. Could not get Audi to admit to a known issue. Believe the new housings are made of metal rather than cheese.
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    What have you done to your 8V today?

    I drove it :yes: I’m still working from home and not really used it since start of lockdown :worked till 5am: .....not even put petrol in it since 19th March. Poor thing has been idly stuck in the garage and only comes out at the moment for exercise. Detailed it on 8th May and it’s still...
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    Multiple Warnings on Start-Up

    Bought my S3 new and noticed the usual start-up not being as eager when it was very cold in winter just gone. Car was 5 years old and only 20k on the clock so 4k average per year. I also have a tracker fitted. Had battery tested by Audi and it showed as needing replacing. You’ve done very well...
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    Advance Key Error

    I’ve had this error on mine from time to time. Always seems sporadic, and once it was shortly followed by ‘change battery’. Could be something in your pocket interfering perhaps. Doesn’t sound like a fault.......just think they can be temperamental.
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    Attempted theft of my S3

    Shame the Shelbys aren’t around to sort these scumbags out! I’m not a violent person but would happily like to watch the **** being kicked out of people who do this to other people.
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    So after 5 years of ownership from new, this has finally got me too. Took it into Audi dealership for MOT and a new battery and they advised about the thermostat housing leaking......quote £1135 !!! I made the case that I’ve had the car from new, always had it serviced at the same dealership...
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    Extreme Parking

    So I started this thread what seems like way back. Still glad to know that there are loads of us OCD about parking. This morning at Waitrose (went early to avoid the rush as still parked in the secondary car park in the furthest space) - Funny thing was that when I got back to the car, a guy...