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    Can l change tyre profile size...?

    You will either have to see if your friendly tyre dealer will have them back - 0r buy two more for the the other end.
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    Option packs?

    Trouble is the cost to activate it is stupidly expensive, so best to use an app on your phone to be honest.
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    1.4 petrol or 1.6 diesel

    both engines reasonably reliable if maintenance was carried out in time.
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    Had my Battery inspected today

    The only thing I saw was 83mpge which is a baseline number used for comparing with similar cars, not what I should expect to get. I have a short commute so I travel back and forth to work each day on battery, around 15-20 miles (depending on lunch trips).
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    Tested e-tron for the weekend, bought a Golf GTE!!

    Although this would have been my 4th Aud in a row, No Audi dealer Speed Test would budge on full retail some even claiming the Gov subisdy was a discount.