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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    That’s another good thing about this you can have a oem reverse camera which auto switches and shows on the RNSe too. I don’t have front sensors so I can’t comment on the OPS overlay but I’m pretty sure it will be doable as it maintains all oem functions. Kits will be available soon. They are...
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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    My mates project was integrating Apple wireless/wired carplay whilst keeping all the oem functions eg Audi handsfree. The screen is touchscreen as well. Obviously being android based comes with other apps like YouTube, internet etc. He’ll be bringing this kit to the market soon as a kit. So...
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    What have you done to your A3 (8p) this week

    I used SMDs for my cabin throughout, including Q3 climate unit. Kept red to match the red touches in my RS. My cabin has changed a little bit since this as I have dechromed EVERYTHING…. And changed the stitching from silver to red throughout.
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    For Sale AP radi-CAL 6 pot BBK & rear disc upgrade - Audi RS3 8P/8V

    For sale AP radical front & rear brake setup. Includes:- AP racing radical 6 pot callipers with white decals (original colour was red but I had them professional refurbished to gloss black with brand new seals/logos and functional tested). Calliper carriers included for front & rear. AP...
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    8P RS3 worth it?

    RS3 8P is the longest car I’ve owned - it ticks all the boxes. Love hate relationship but if you do all the preventative maintenance and resolve the common issues then you should have less of a headache. Find the right spec though. I always update my 8P with the latest models to keep it as...
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    Roof Rails

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    Wanted A3/S3 8P centre console. US style? Maybe Euro

    Just ring TPS.... I used an 8V wireless charger and lighting around the cup holders for mine.