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    puddle light fitting guide for pre-facelift

    Looks like photobucket has taken them which is annoying. I got rid of my A3 about 7 years ago so can’t get any photos, of you take the door card off shouldn’t be too hard it work out if just use my wire colours, if you got a multi meter it won’t take long to work out which wires you need to...
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    Standard Performance Brake Replacement Parts Experience

    I’ve used MTEC and black diamond discs for the last 5+ years on 3 different cars (drilled and grooved) with a mix of pads from cheap Mintex/ Pagid and DS2500 I’ve never had an issue within brakes feeling crap out the box, first 50-100 miles go a tad easy until full bed it, but pretty much...
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    egr delete

    Yes you can fully remove the EGR cooler/pipes and valve. use a bit of metal pipe to join the 2 coolant hoses together when you get the car remapped just get the EGR system coded out, it’s what I’ve done with mine as I’ve got the Darkside EGR delete pipe
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    egr delete

    Replace the oil pump/balance shaft for the modified version which uses a gear rather than a chain and also a bigger hex key not a cheap replacement, think it’s around £800 with parts and labour It’s the BLB engine which is in question I had a BLB with just over 200k before getting rid of...
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    Connector actuator BV43

    Doesn’t matter for MOT what turbo you got fitted, they don’t check for connectors and stuff. as long as meet emissions standard or a friendly tester will be all
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    Lost 40bhp somewhere...

    Have a look at the intake manifold see if that’s full of carbon build up/oil slight boost leaks turbo vains, make sure fully free and moving easily Get it remapped, my pd140 always felt sluggish, getting it mapped helped a lot
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    Non Bose - Bose Upgrade

    Took out the standard sub and used that space to run after market amp with a high to lower converter and made a sub box which sits inside the spare wheel to take no boot space up the small silver amp is the standard Bose amp, can just about see the top of the after market amp which sits in the...
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    Non Bose - Bose Upgrade

    Mine came with a full Bose from factory, personally I find very little difference between Bose and non Bose systems both bass is non existent I have kept the Bose amp powering the speakers and have added a aftermarket sub and amp to get the bass levels I require
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    Adi’s dtm

    ds2500 pads a tad dusty but work well
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    Fuse Box Locations

    No, only has one main panel end of dash Couple fuses and relays by ECU Couple fuses and relays under the dash on the drivers side nothing in the boot
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    2.0 TDI 170 Remap

    The remap will put very little to no extra load on the balance shaft but as above yeah it’s expansive to get it replaced but it’s cheaper then replacing the turbo and a engine rebuild when it fails.
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    Can you turn off egr via vcds?

    Either have it mapped out or bit of black tape on the back of the dial card light gone
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    Lights warnings

    Check the earth points on the car, make sure clean and free from corrosion
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    Rnse AUX crap sound

    I got a factory fitted RNSE headunit with iPod dock, aux, ect Over the last week or so the sound out via aux is utter crap. Have tried 2 iPod and iPhone with a few different leads makes no difference Anyone else had any issues, if so what was the fix ?
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    Audi b7 roof rails

    I got rid of mine, gives the car a much nice side profile with the bars gone