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    Engine remap and insurance increase

    Try Adrian Flux - they covered my last S3 with a Stage 1 map and it made very little difference to the price.
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    Speed limiter removal on new S3

    Audi charge £1000 for the "Top Speed Derestrictor" on the RS3 so I'd be surprised if they would do it for free on an S3.
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    From S3 to A3 2.0 tdi?

    I've had similar experiences and came to exactly the same conclusion. Went down the sensible diesel route in the past but only ever managed about 40mpg compared to 30mpg in an S3. I do about 12k miles a year which means the difference between 30 and 40 mpg is about 500 quid a year which doesn't...
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    Curbed alloy !!!!!

    No, and better than that - it took longer than they said it would to repair the wheel so they didn't charge me for that either. Alloy wheel repair + the loan of an A5 for a week - no charge :yes:
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    Curbed alloy !!!!!

    That was at Reading Audi. Can't imagine it would corrode, I've left scuffs on wheels on previous cars for years without a problem.
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    Curbed alloy !!!!!

    Had one of my diamond cut alloys repaired a few weeks ago at the local Audi dealer - they quoted 110 quid which was the same as independent places I contacted but with the added bonus of a courtesy car while the wheel was being repaired (takes 2 or 3 days to do a diamond cut repair). They don't...
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    Where is the puzzle nut?

    Locking wheel nut remover.
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    "USB / Ipod Connect"

    You don't need Tech Pack to connect your device - all of the cars have an AMI socket under the armrest, you just need to get the correct cable from Audi for whatever device you want to use. The only extra connection with the Tech pack is a USB socket that can be used for charging (not for music).
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    The world vs Audi drivers...

    It's a Blackvue DR380. Quality is good just don't try and use one for the rear if you ever want to be able to listen to the radio.
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    Best fuses for dashcam fitment?

    I've been using F26 (Seat Heating) and F40 (12v sockets) for my camera for a year without any problems:
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    The world vs Audi drivers...

    Couple of impatient drivers - this one made me laugh at the time... And I really have no words for this one (there was somebody sat in the Corolla as well!):
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    The world vs Audi drivers...

    Standard roundabout behaviour - far too much effort to drive around again when you've made a mistake, much better to do this...
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    tyre monitor

    I thought it was standard but if you press Menu then select Car and then press the key for Car Systems you should see an option there if it's fitted.
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    A3 sportback boot size ?

    Quattros have the higher boot floor as standard and the boot capacity is 340 litres.
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    S3 - Understeering in wet

    I thought front wheel drive cars always understeered - is this the kind of wet handling everyone is looking for: I'm sure he'd claim that was deliberate but I've seen a couple of cars in the ditch next to this roundabout and always been curious as to how it happens...