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    Test drive

    The Macan is a much better all round car! And drives fabulously!
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    S3 Reviews...a collection

    Found this one yesterday.
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    Come on Audi, send me my S3 quick!

    Come on Audi, send me my S3 quick!
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    S3 Reviews...a collection

    Interesting! Can never tell cause different regions get the car in different states of tune. Could be a mistake on their part as well.
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    S3 Reviews...a collection

    Brand new one from FastLaneDaily. As usual its all praise for the S3 :)
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    Factory Options 2.

    Memory seats which save themselves on your smart key! Useful for when there is more than one person driving the car.
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    Hello from Dubai S3

    Maybe I'm mistaken bout the exact price, but it is on the expensive side. Going again to test drive the car later this week, so will pay more attention to the suspension set up an then make my decision. So how are you enjoying your car so far?
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    Hello from Dubai S3

    The Wait time is a minimum of a month more. As of now my car is scheduled to be made on week 20, so according to the dealership, its 8-10 weeks from then. But if i opt for the magnetic ride option, it gets pushed by a month. So im desperately trying to figure out if its worth it. Also does the...
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    Hello from Dubai S3

    Hey guys! I just ordered my S3 two days back in Dubai. So far its the base model which is decently specked, however im wondering if i should add the magnetic ride option. It would mean that i have to wait longer, which honestly im very reluctant to. Is it worth the wait, especially here in...
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    Just Arrived - Sepang S3 Sedan

    Hey Guys! Just booked my car day the torture of waiting begins! By the looks of it, i'm guessing we are all from the UAE region. Im in Dubai, and i'm sure i'm not the only one!