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    Avant Black Edition

    Nor last year when I got the set fitted to my Golf. I wrapped the ones on the Golf in matte black vinyl.
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    Avant Black Edition

    £195 from
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    Avant Black Edition

    Covered over 1k miles now. Long term economy is 45.2mpg (according to the DIS) which is the same as the Golf manages long term. Gave it a wash earlier and fitted some Whispbars. Whispbar now make them in black so I don't need to wrap them like I did on the Golf. As the flush rails mean the bars...
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    Disappointed with all this dpf thing..

    Both my Golf and A6 regen with less than half a tank, so strange if this is the case for your car. The DPF shouldn't require the level of attention you're giving it. It doesn't sound like it's actually caused any problems, so relax a bit and just enjoy it.
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    Penalties for using phones and other hand-held devices while driving to increase

    Only need to get caught once if you're in the first two years after passing.
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    First service

    Check that getting it serviced with Audi isn't one of the terms of the PCP.
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    Avant Black Edition

    I need to upgrade VCDS as I've only got the MicroCAN which doesn't work with the A6. It's a known software problem though - there are 3 options missing from the MMI and the mirrors is just 1 of them so I'll wait for the update either way for that.
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    Avant Black Edition

    7 days and 500 miles later, absolutely loving it. Comfortable, drives lovely, the gearbox is superb and the MMI is easy to use. MPG is steadily improving. Never feels like I'm going as fast as I am - even in Efficiency I've found myself going 80+ without realising. I expected the car to be...
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    Avant Black Edition

    Nothing planned - it's a lease so modding it just means more faff to put it back after. It's superb already, doesn't really need anything anyway.
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    Avant Black Edition

    Ouch. May 16th to Sept 8th was long enough for me.
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    Warranty/breakdown cover

    If you have the car registered on YourAudi you can download a copy of the roadside assistance handbook.
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    iPhone 7

    The iPhone 7 is a minor upgrade - next major upgrade will be the 7S unless Apple change the update cycle. The upgrade on my 6S isn't due until next year anyway so will see what happens with the 7S.
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    Avant Black Edition

    Brilliant Black.
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    Advice on buying an A6 Avant

    It's slightly brighter in person, but here's the best photo I could get on my phone of the standard lighting on my MY17 Avant BE.
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    Avant Black Edition

    Swansea. From other posts on here and VWAF I don't think 16 weeks is typical - I suspect it arrived on time and they just wanted it registered in September not August but I wasn't in a rush and their service was excellent didn't really question it.