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  • Send me a PM if you have any compatible parts you are looking to shift. B6 or B7 A4 S4 RS4.
    Been a silent member for a while but now i have the funds i'm looking into upgrading the A4! it's a B6 1.9 Tdi AVF Sport in Akoya Silver. 1st Mods completed B6 S4 Front Brakes and some cheap TSW Galvez wheels. Trying to go down the OEM+ Route.
    Looking into Mapping next but unsure weather to do the Turbo, FMIC, EGR Delete 1st to make it more worth while.
    As far as my mechanical knowledge goes i have a basic understanding but no experience with Audi's as my last car was a M Reg Polo!
    Thanks for passing by and any info you may have on these subjects that might be helpful will be greatly appreciated.
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