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    For Sale A4 DTM edition

    Bump. Any interest in this? Just found out the new car should be delivered this month so this needs to go. I'm open to offers
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    For Sale A4 DTM edition

    A4 DTM Edition (1 of 250) Due to the arrival of a company car I have to sell my DTM. The car has had lots of time and money spent getting it to the spec it is today. Standard options include heated half leather half alcantara seats and steering wheel, heated power fold door mirrors, RNSE sat...
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    K-1 LO400 Build

    Welcome. Having looked up the loba lo400 you should be good for circa 400BHP. Pushing it much harder than that the problem you will come up against is getting sufficient fuel. I'm running a similar setup on the internals and a Garrett GTX2860r. I've not had it on a rolling road but logging...
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    Bluetooth retrofit

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    Bluetooth retrofit

    Where did you get the plug and play loom from? I've seen them on Kufatec but they are closer to £50
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    CCM / Electric Windows Help

    I've got a friend that had this same problem with his Seat Exeo (the A4 with different bumpers) we ended up replacing the CCM unit. I took the old unit apart afterwards and one of the relays had failed. If would be possible to remove the CCM open it up and test each relay, if one has failed...
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    ASN Lanyards

    1, Scott 2, Voorhees 3, Tuffy 4, Damo 5, Byzan 6, Pabs 7, jb0o 8, Ads 9, JoJo 10,Shariain 11, Will89 12, quattrojames 13, SarahA3 14, SarahA3 15, Big Dave 16, Der_Techniker 17, chrisa4quat 18, S3 Muzza 19, Dane 20, j4jon
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    MOT - HiD law :(

    This should help MOT changes from 2012 | AA And it contains a lot more than just lights
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    TT pedal upgrade

    You remove the original pedal covers then the TT ones push over the actual pedals. They are a bit tight and can be made easier by soaking in hot water for 5 minutes before you start. You can buy them from a dealer for about £35
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    Audi S3 Dash lights issue

    I can't check the coding on my dash pod at the moment as I don't have VAGCOM installed. A search on the net revealed the following: Select 17 (Instrument Cluster)Adaptation -> Function 10 -> Channel 19 (Misc) xxxx?: Remote Clock 0 - Remote Clock not active 1 - Remote Clock active xxx?x...
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    Parrot Bluetooth Kit

    As animal said if you car is an earlier type that doesn't use CAN bus then you will have the switched power in the ISO plug, if you car uses CAN bus then you don''t have the switched power at the head unit and the parrot won't switch on. When I installed my kit I used a scotch lock connector and...
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    Audi S3 Dash lights issue

    It's all in the coding on the dashpod. The S3 by default has the needles and dials illuminated all the time. The pod can be reprogrammed so that neither are on all the time and only come on when you turn the lights on, or as I currently have it programmed where the needles are on all the time...
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    Torque setting for S3 flywheel+clutch HELP

    The Haynes manual for the A3 (for 1.6, 1.8 and 1.8T) says: Flywheel/driveplate mounting bolts Stage 1 60NM Stage 2 Angle tighten a further 90 degrees I'd guess the figures would be the same for the S3?
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    Anyone wanting to sell their S3 ?

    Not all S3's have leather and heated seats. Leather is fairly common but heated seats where an optional extra.
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    Will these fit???

    Yes they will fit and should look good. Depending on what brakes you have and the style of the wheels you may need spacers.