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    2012 MOT problems for HID Lights, got a conversion?

    one of my mates who's in the police, sent me these links regarding MOT's and HID convertions for next year. thought it was worth a read.... Aftermarket HID (Xenon) headlamps j
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    remote key fob sometimes loses its memory !

    if the key-fob is at fault, use the service fom the RAC which covers you for key-fob/imobilisers when you have the Reward or Premium account from Santander. no excess to pay and the fault is fixed mucho-cheapness. j
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    Bad news

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    sadly its time to change the car.

    i traded mine in for £1800. the new owner got in touch saying he thought it was a bargin buying it for £3200, what a mark-up.
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    Just got back

    very good
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    yeah, sent you a message... cheers

    yeah, sent you a message... cheers
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    bye bye audi

    yeah it has the full euro nav on it and the video ipod cable connection. ps. screens posted today via 48hr parcel force - should be with you on saturday. special delivery wasn't going to get to you until tuesday, so thought it best to do it this way. i have a funny feeling though i've forgot to...
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    bye bye audi

    done!! cheers
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    bye bye audi

    yeah, not had any offers for the system yet - not had a chance to advertise it really.... pm me
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    broken rear wiper arm

    stealers want around £50 as mine broke off when we had the snow bad.
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    bye bye audi

    not really gave it much thought.. the set up is as follows: Kenwood DNX 7200 screen for the dash Kenwood KCA BT200 Bluetooth kit Video iPod connection 7" screens set in black leather headrests, with infra-red headphones & remotes I'll try to get pics up or you can pm me if your interested...
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    1.8t fwd vs quattro

    i have the a4 1.8T quattro and the grip is something to behold. i had a loan of a b7 fwd when mine was in for a service - no-where near as good to drive. the torque was good, but i felt the front end would spin too easy in the wet. i change the oil every 10k miles and changed the pump, filter...
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    bye bye audi

    well, after 3 1/2 years, the audi is going this week. averaging £80+ p/wk never mind the cost in parts is really getting beyond a joke. so, good-bye 4 rings, hello, blue oval. opting for a new mondeo titanium x in black, with a few goodies, sat nav, spoiler, leather/alcantara etc. not too...