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    Anyone offer advice on 3.0tdi purchse

    Hey all Been many years since I last posted. I have currently got a 2014 Golf GTD. Love the car to bits. I require more space due to the hopeful arrival of sprog number two. I have always wanted an A4. And love this era A4. I do about 18,000 miles a year so looking at diesels. This car...
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    I wouldn't of even said that much! Maybe £2.5k tops. Depends on tax/text, auto or not? condition.
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    I believed Audi's were made of Galvanised Steel ?

    It's a shame the B6's are prone to rust. It is very very common for them to rust firstly on the front arches were the arch liners rub. Mine is coming out of the bodyshop having this sorted, in preperation for sale :crying:, If a B6 has not rot here yet, it's been done already. I tried to go to...
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    Just bought an Audi A4 1.8 Turbo (Quattro) - need some advice ...

    No skin off my nose either, lets just call it experience. And as stated the rolling radius must be the same. I don't see why so many and tight when it comes to tyres. Why buy a car if you can't run it correctly. And yes Calibra's died a painful death if you didnt replace all 4. I seem to...
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    Just bought an Audi A4 1.8 Turbo (Quattro) - need some advice ...

    I can't really hear my turbo on my 190 so i think you're fine. As for tyres, I warn you, you don't need two you need FOUR. Your car is a Quattro. You must get 4 new tyres
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    sadly its time to change the car.

    Shame to sell, they're fantastic cars. Considering putting mine up for sale soon too. There's rumours of company cars! So will have a golf or octavia I guess. :notme: Out of interest then, how much will you be putting it up for?
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    Interior A4 parts Free!!!!

    Long shot but dont suppose you have bonnet release pull?
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    Wastegate Chatter

    I love the sound of wastegate chatter. Wish mine did it lol!!
  9. j033y - Don't even think about it....

    Very interesting reading, but it would suprise me if this comes as a shock to anyone. Never would I dare sell a car to them. Out of principal I would rather give it away!
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    Well i presume he has another 50 miles in the red so that gives him 380 to a tank, which isnt too bad i guess. Plus he has just got the car so maybe seeing what it can do, lots of short quick journeys?
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    That doesn't seem too bad for an auto 2.5tdi. really depends how you drove it I guess
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    Looking at B6 A4 TDi 130 Avant - found one and would like advice

    If you're only doing 6,000 miles per year, then why bother with a TDI? Yes better economy, but much more to buy outright. You could probably get a similar petrol one for 2/3rds the price, put the money saved into petrol etc.
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    "To HID or Not to HID"

    There the ones I promtly threw in the bin. Seems to effect cars very differently!
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    "To HID or Not to HID"

    I was in the same predicatment a few months back regarding whether to get HIDs or not. Anyway i ordered them from a reputable site, slimline full non error version etc etc. Fitted them in the OEM position. Had the worst two weeks of my life with them. Firstly wrong bulbs sent, so this...
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    724miles from a single tank, that's pretty good going don't you think?

    Some sweet MPG readings here, how big are the tanks on the B7 tdis? Makes me want to upgrade to one from my B6, but i would cry at what it's not worth now!!! You all need to get fuelly (see my sig, clickable but remember to change to UK units in top left of website)