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    For Sale Satin Black 18 inch winter alloys - 245/40/18W Bridgestone LM005 - B8/B9 A4/A5 or S4/S5

    I have a full set of four winter alloys for sale. They were purchased last October, professionally stripped and powder coated in Satin Black and have seen one winters use. They come with the original silver centre caps. I swapped my B9 19 inch V spoke black centre caps on without issue...
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    Brake pad and wear sensors S4 B9 avant

    8W0698151N Front Brake Pads 4M0615121AB Wire One of the Audi dealers on ebay is doing pads for about £120. Will be doing mine shortly.
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    Any Wiper Recommendations?

    +1 for Bosch Aerotwin, paid under £20 for a set off ebay last year. Probably £30 quid now.... :suspicion:
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    Pad/Disc replacing Front & Rear

    Search 'Stevens Track days' on youtube and look at his other videos. There is a very good guide. EDIT: ->
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    S4 B9 Start Stop

    Might just be the cold weather. My S4 hasnt auto stopped for a couple of weeks now as only doing short journeys during lockdown.
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    Roof bars for Audi A4 Avant

    If you want to carry bikes as well as a roofbox or similiar, the Thules rail system works well as you just have to slide 3 T pieces into the rack and clamp to secure. Takes about 2 minutes to fit the carrier once familiar with the process. I have the black evo pro version on my S4 as it has the...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    Unfortunately Google maps is now inactive on my Dec '17 reg S4. It happened over the weekend. I have a request in via my dealer to extend the Audi Connect, will see what happens with that...
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    Does an inspection also reset Oil Change schedule?

    Pollen filter on VAG is generally easy to do. My father nearly fell for the £70 pollen filter change on his Yeti two years ago. It's at most a five min job and the filter for the Yeti was a Mann, so £15 for the same thing from Eurocarparts. Most people would pay without questioning and it's...
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    I have now had the nag that my license is about to expire, so will email the dealer. It's no big deal to loose the Google feature, but loosing traffic info, ie road closures in my area, would be.
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    Google Earth/Satellite Maps

    I still have Google Maps, MY17, Audi Connect until the end of the year. I downloaded the 13.8gb map update file from MyAudi but haven't got around to installing it yet. My local area maps are upto date, updated 1.2Ggb over the built in SIM just after purchase. Anyone know if this map update...
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    Avant Roof bars

    I use these; More expensive but have the black pack and the rail system is simple to use for the Thule bike carrier I use for my MTB.
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    B9 tuning options

    I too would be interest to know what the actual outputs of a stock S4 is on 99 RON fuel from a RR session. I run mine on Tesco 99, more out of habit, plus fuel is cheaper at the moment. I had seen APR's quoted figures on 99 RON but understood the ECU was locked from advancing any further from a...
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    What engine for 2016 Audi A4

    If you go diesel, also check the fuel tank size. My neighbour had a tdi 190 where the order sheet had not got ticked for the (free) 54litre tank upgrade, to do with emissions. Some diesels have something like a 40 litre tank iirc and they tend to be cheaper apparently...
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    Winter wheels for B9 S Line?

    I am having a set of 18 inch et29 A5 alloys powder coated satin black at the moment which will then have Bridgestone LM005's 245/40/18's fitted, sourced from Oponeo as was no stock in Uk at time of order. From what I have ascertained, the offset will nicely clear the s4 calipers, so should be...
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    B9 S4 (Petrol) to ‘similar’ spec B9 RS4....worth the spend ?

    Hi new to the site and not had my S4 for long, its the same spec/colour as yours, so hope you don't mind me saying its very nice (with some obvious bias :) ) . Before buying the Audi, was all set to purchase a BMW f10 M5 CP, but ultimately pulled out because I couldn't see how I would ever use...