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  • Hi,
    I hope you don,t mind me messaging you but I was wondering if you could help me.
    I read in a thread albeit quite old that you had the instructions to wire up the Kufatec roof module.
    Is there any chance you could let me have a copy it would be really appreciated.
    hiya mate
    was wondering if i could get some advice from you, i wanted to know how hard it was to fit teh remote roof and do i need to chop wires or plug and plays.

    thank sin advance
    Thanks for that mate. i've spoke to "speedy" about it before
    problem is he lives ****** miles from me lol.

    Theres a guy om here called craig from sale in manchester
    he's quoted me 750 for job lot fitted and 12 months warranty
    does that sound bout right?
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