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    Cam belt or chain?

    I've now had a clear answer [thanks Siena] and can confirm the D3 4.2 petrol engines are indeed belt driven for anyone else that may need this information ;) I have also been informed by another party that there is a wee bit more clearance at the front in the D3's which could enable the change...
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    Cam belt or chain?

    Further to above, I've now been told by a tuning company that up to around 2008 the petrol engines are belt driven :banghead: Is there anyone here that owns either a 2003 or 2004 A8 with the 4.2 petrol engine that knows for definate? I'm getting a real headache regarding this now, soooo many...
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    Cam belt or chain?

    Thanks Byzan :icon_thumright: I came across this wee little pic [below] of the rear of a 4.2 V8 which I think answers my questions regarding belt or chain but still need to know when they should be serviced and the costs involved!
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    Cam belt or chain?

    Aw, come on....someone must know :keule:
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    Cam belt or chain?

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    Cam belt or chain?

    I'm getting conflicting information and would be grateful for some advice! Are the D3 A8 4.2 petrol engines belt or chain driven? Also, the 4.0 Tdi's, same question....belt or chain? Either way, what are the service intervals for change and what sort of damage are we talking (roughly)? I've...
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    "One of the best looking A4's"

    £6995.00......... :undwech:is all I can say to that!
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    (P) Light contantly on? Faulty handbrake switch?

    Hi Jonnycraig, The parking brake light should illuminate on any car when the brake is engaged. As already has been suggested, if the light is intermittant, it would suggest a wiring fault or connection somewhere. I would start by checking both ends of the circuit first (connection at parking...
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    horible clunking grinding noise only in rain!?

    I think ^^^^^^^^ may have a valid point although cannot be for certain. If your rears are coming into play more than the fronts or indeed vica versa, it could cause some slip in the diff. As already stated by someone though, you ain't never gonna know unless it's stripped apart. If it is and...
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    Mitsubishi EVO VIII FQ-340

    Fantastic job, especially considering the weather!
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    Oh great.....

    Women :rolleyes: :whistle2:
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    horible clunking grinding noise only in rain!?

    You got a quattro AWD? I'm finding it really hard to fathom how the difference between wet and dry could cause such a problem as you describe and under the conditions you describe???? Is it when you brake?
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    horible clunking grinding noise only in rain!?

    Can you give a vague area of where the noise is eminating from at all?
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    What tuning options are there for 2.0 and 2.7 TDi's?

    Thanks nav.....I notice you got the remap on a 2.0 TDi. Is it a noticable difference? I assume they are plug n' play remaps!